Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pia and Peter

Sixteen years ago I had the most wonderful girl working for me at my costume hire shop in Sydney. It was like having Snow White work for me, she was beautiful, always happy and she sung all the time. I'm sure little blue birds circled her head whn I wasn't looking, I loved her.
This week a Peter Alexander catalogue is out and Pia Anderson my gorgeous helper has styled the whole thing. It's quite wonderful, I can see Pia's magic all over it.
Pia took a big a risk, went out on her own and started her own company at the age of 30.
I love love love that she did this. Pia worked in a Vintage shop in the Rocks for years and put her heart and soul into it. When that all turned to dust and the owner did a runner Pia picked up her bundle and bravely went off to make her own way, just like Snow White and just like Snow White it has paid off for her too, she has quite a few incredible jobs under her belt. Like the time some land owner who owned a huge sheep station called her up to see if she could organise a parade. They flew Pia and her friends up to the station put them up, fed them paid them lots of money and asked Pia and her band back to perform a few months later. You can read all about Pia and her wonderful life and see what she has to offer on her website her blog is definitely worth a read.

If ever you wonder if you should take a risk and start up your own business doing what you love take a look at what Pia has done, no money and all on her own. It just goes to show that working hard and doing what you love pays off in the end. Well done Pia Anderson we are very proud of you. X Joy

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