Monday, May 21, 2012



Our girl Kate Mcinerny is back with us having travelled around Europe for a few years.
Kate has been working in the family business since her return last year and I have been trying to entice her back saying that she would have more fun with us at H.C.H.Q. 
Finally the girl has come to her senses, not sure what her mum would say about that though. Kate is only working part time at the moment to help us keep on top of things.
Kate is an amazing pattern-maker and worked for Emilio De La Morena one of Europe's leading designers while in London. Kate actually attended Fashion Week, a dream of mine, while she was working for Emilio .She has so many funny stories, one of cutting beautiful fabric on the floor way past midnight trying to get the range ready for Fashion Week. 
Talk about pressure, gay guys, little dogs and crazy people all over the studio. Sounds a bit like someone we know.
It's wonderful to have Kate back, we get on so well and I've always said that I would throw it all in when it became a chore and not fun. We have a lot of laughs and its just lovely having someone like minded and easy to get along with. We have another new girl starting as well at the beginning of July so stay tuned Hot Couture lover's. YAYYYYYYYYYY KATE. I just jumped in the air, not really I'm sitting but I did think about it. Love Joy

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