Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoot me now!

The shoot yesterday was so much fun, we have been wanting to do a shoot with Harmony Nicholas for the longest time and finally the stars aligned. The owners of Louis Bond Markus and Cain were incredible. Not only were they easy going about us moving furniture and paintings they even helped us out. It's a beautiful shop and cafe, if your in Adelaide you have to pop by. The staff in the cafe Aaron, Alisha and Leah were wonderful, we all sat in the courtyard and had the best lunch ever. Molly Bellman worked her magic on Ginger and Libie Jeans hair, they both looked so beautiful. Evie Sebben and Arabeer also did a stunning job with make up. The girls were amazing helping with moving furniture and whatever they could do to make the day easier they were all so easy to get along with I couldn't have been happier.  All up I think we have some stunning shots I can't wait for Harmony to edit them. It was the easiest shoot I have ever been on, I wish they were all that easy. Thanks girls it really was a pleasure to work with you all. We have some amazing new Hot Couture garments coming very soon. XXX Joy

Shoot at Louis Bond