Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paper Doll Pin Up's

A few weeks ago I did a pin up shoot with Jen Rossiter.
I'm going to be very honest and say at 56 I ain't no pin up girl.  Having said this Jen couldn't have made me feel more comfortable. I arrived at her beautiful 50's style home to be greeted with a smiling Jen holding an umbrella. Right from the moment I arrived I felt pampered and happy to be there. After a lovely cup of tea we got right to it. I sat on her little stool while we chatted and did hair, nails make up the works, it was so much fun. Then Sven Kovac the photographer arrived and made me even more comfortable. I thought I'd feel kind of silly behind the bar pouring cocktails but it was quite the opposite I was so at home and we had a lot of laughs. Jen had gone to so much trouble even having 50's themed food bought in for the shoot. You can see Jen and Sven's beautiful work at www.jenrossiter.com or on facebook.
I can highly recommend this experience my only regret is I didn't go out that night. I came straight home with all my make up and hair done so perfectly, wouldn't you think I would have thought of somewhere to go.
Jen's home has a beautiful bar area, retro kitchen, cactus garden, fireplace and a very original very 50's pink and black bathroom. Have a look at the other beautiful girls on her site who have had their photo's taken recently. This is the perfect Christmas present for that someone special. You can contact Jen for pricing and anything else you need to know. If they can make me look good they can make you look incredible. XXX Joy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hot Couture x Fabrication

A couple of months ago, Joy was asked to participate in the Fabrication competition at the Hotel Tivoli last week. The parade was a fundraiser for Canteen and was beautifully organised by Cristina Tridente and Katherine from CaughtCouture. Her challenge was to create a super stylish outfit from a bag of (super fugly) op shop stuff. Hot Couture model and all-round babe Marie Struggles gave Joy the inspiration to create this faaaabulous outfit channelling Katy Perry in the 'Thinking Of You' video. And whaddya know? JOY WINS SECOND PLACE IN THE COMPETITION. Know why? Because she is awesome.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Here's the outfit shown alongside the GretaKate creation,designed by Hot Couture gal Greta Rumsby!! 

We wish we knew who took these gorgeous pics and are totally for crediting photographers but we don't know whose work it is! Let us know and we'll credit you Mystery Photographer!

Anyways, Joy created the outfit by re-dying ugmo fabrics different shades of orange and green, resewing buttons onto the pockets and turning a doillie into a fabulous oversized clutch bag!! Lucy from Tanya Powell models was the perfect face to showcase her design and looked so beau-ti-ful on the night. The Advertiser chose Joy to be featured in Adelaide Confidential with Lucy and her design, and they actually used a goofy pic, which we just lurve!

The show was judged by fashion designers George Gross and Harry Who, and gave Joy second prize!! After many requests from fans on the evening, the outfit is finding a home with Miss Struggles who provided the inspiration! Sorry gals, it's taken!!

More pics from the actual evening to come soon!

xx Love Stav

Hot Couture x Hola Mexico Film Festival!

Hot Couture was lucky enough to have our Mexicana-themed Summer 2010 ad screened before the fillums at the Hola Mexico Film Festival at the Mercury Cinema. We went a bit OTT for the Hola Poster Exhibition at the Mercury and dressed up in full Hot Couture regalia, with Day Of The Dead makeup thanks to my trusty Kryolan Aqua Colour palette. Hawt models Farrin and Marie let me go bananas with their makeup and I was pretty happy with the overall result!

We were stocked that The Advertiser printed our piccie advertising the festival (wearing Hot Couture of course, *cough* *plug*) which was a massive success! Those $5 Margaretas were a killer *shakes hands with bartender*.

More pics to come of us waring our outfits soon!

xx Love Stav

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, the candy corn is gone (re: stolen), the decorations have blown and not one pair of legs has recovered from the monster dance fest that was last Saturday night. Yes folks, Halloween 2010 is officially over and we here at Hot Couture are officially counting down until next year because it was the OMG BEST PARTY IN THE UNIVERSE OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger on the way to ze plane.
The Qu'oran and I.
 The switch strapped in for takeoff.

Ahem. So Joy and I started our weekend with a faaaaaaaaabulous Japanese fusion dinner with our extraordinarily handsome friend Jim, a super producer with a super heart of gold who opened up the doors to his beautiful apartment to house us troublemakers over the weekend.
Jim in his everyday handsome lounging attire.

After a few lychee martinis and delicate Japanese grub, including Camembert with miso and garlic (drool), we frugged at the Colombian and propositioned the handsome security man for a dance to no avail. Sydney 1, Hot Couture 0.

Saturday began as they always do - with a big, fat, steaming breakfast at our favourite Turkish feedbag called Mint on Crown Street. Pinkie swear, this stuff is not food; it's manna direct from heaven.
 A lady with good taste in everything, especially hired staff and fried meat. 
This delicious mushroom toast was injected via intravenus approx. 2 seconds later.
After shopping on Crown Street, we nappity napped before getting our green on for the party to end all parties. Hosted by aforementioned Costume Designer and all-round hostess with the Mostess, Gypsy Taylor and friends, this Halloween shindig is unlike anything you've probably been to. With nary a Leg Avenue nurse costume in sight, everyone really goes out with homemade costumes - the more effort one puts into their garb, the higher the accolade bestowed upon by this fun lovin' group of creatives. Voila the evidence.

Gypsy, Queen of Halloween and Toddlers and Tiara's lil' beauty Queen gone oh-so-wrong.
Employer and Employee working late at the office. 
 Muvva and sonny boy.
The apps! Oh the apps!
 Ginger 'Doreen' Danger.

As you can see, a rockin' party to the utmost Heidi and Seal efforts. No one could possibly not have had fun at this little intimate shindig and we were so happy to fly over for the event! Thanks Gypsy and co. for putting so much effort into the best Halloween everrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Evidence that said Halloween was indeed the 'best ever'. Ergo, I literally danced through my shoes.
The next day, Joy, Ginger, Jim and I were kinda screwed up in the leg department so we trotted down Oxford street -
- and treated ourselves to an amazingly relaxing thai massage after swimming in Jim's faaaabuous pool. Ginger went home soon after (boo hoo!) and we sped over to Tamarama to catch the Scuptures By The Sea exhibition. Gettaload of these two hootenanny-ers 'supporting the arts':

After roast pork and fairy floss (mmm hmm) dinner at The Winery, Joy out partied us both and pretended to be tired when she wasn't to make Jim and I feel less like party poopers. Jim has an excuse being a 75-hour-per-week job but me? Hungover like a horse. Just sayin.
Monday morn we had a delicious organic breakfast with Gypsy featuring creamed corn and something Mexican:
 Too bad the only pic I have is of boring ol' pouring water.

We swam and hung out at the Qantas lounge before Joy jetted away in the midst of a lightening storm and I got stuck in Syndey overnight for perhaps the most nauseating 12 hours in existance, but hey, what a weekend.
Until Halloween 2011 Hot Couture compadres!
xx Love Stav xx