Sunday, April 29, 2012

Exciting things happening at H.C.

Yesterday this lovely girl "Sarah"came up to tell me how much she enjoys my blog she  recognised me from photo's. I have to say I was just a little chuffed about it I had no idea that people were loving my blog so much. I haven't had a minute to spare lately so my blogging has taken second place. Here's what has been happening since last I blogged.

I flew up to Sydney for Sarah Kate from Deadbeat magazine's 30th last week, it was the best night. I've been advertising with Deadbeat for a few years and have become good friends with Sarah and Pete so when she asked me to go it was the perfect excuse to fly off to Sydney.
I caught up with Stav who used to work for me and all of Sarah Kate's amazing friends. Sadly my daughter Gypsy was called on last minute to work on some crazy new T.V. show so I missed out on seeing her but completely understood having been freelance myself for years. I did catch up with my son Eddy who is working at Earth but had Anzac day off, we had a really fun day and went out with his lovely girlfriend Lucy that night.

I had a meeting with Sarah Doyle from Porteno to discuss uniforms for the girls, just a little bit excited about that. I got such a kick out of going there late in the afternoon when all the staff were having an early dinner, I felt like I was on the set of some cool movie in New York City. Sarah is just wonderful we all went for dinner on the Thursday night and Sarah wore one of her Hot Couture frocks, she looked stunning as always and we had the best night.  I highly recommend Porteno for a fun night out and hands down the best meal in town.

I also met with Karise Eden one of the contestants from the voice and Joey Moore, we're making Karise some lovely Hot Couture garments for the show. She was so happy with the blue rose frock I gave her, we will see if the wardrobe dept allows her to wear it. Fingers crossed, she is an amazing talent I can't wait for tonight to see her sing again I have a good feeling about that girl.

Lanie Lane is also donning Hot Couture and we will be at her Adelaide gig at The Gov on the 11th May to support her, she is the sweetest girl.

I'm also really happy to say that a lot of the die hard vintage girls are starting to buy H.C. Lot's of regulars that have been going to the 50's fair for years are now becoming fans and I couldn't be more excited about that. Having been one of those girls who only wears vintage I know you have to tick a lot of boxes for these classy girls to like your wares. I was so excited to see Chrissy Keepence and Sam Burton form The Lindy Charm School both wearing Hot Couture in Vegas.

 So that's all our news in a nutshell, we will write some more about all of the things happening in detail later but for now I have lots to do. Thanks for following my blog and I will try really hard to keep you all up to date. XXX Joy

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