Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Couture x Road Train Rollers

Here are the brand spanking new Road Train Roller's derby uniforms designed and made by Joy for the ARDL. Don't they just look , cough cough, smashing? Eh? Eh?

- love stavroula xoxo

Hot Couture Sample Sale at Kustom Kulture!

So it's that time of the year again people....Adelaide's Kustom Kulture weekend is happening on the 19th, 20th and 21st of March and Hot Couture will be holding a sellout stall of some samples, plus selections of Joy's personal archive she's getting seriosu about selling (we're talking vintage wheels & dollbaby and genuine american 50s wares here kids). Come on down, have a peruse and pick up some Hot Couture samples that have been patiently waiting at HC HQ for your arrival!

Find out more about Kustom Kulture at www.myspace.com/kustomkulturesa

PS - this pic is of Joy at the 50s fair in Sydney but may as well be at KK!

- love Stavroula xoxo

Fashion Shoot on Saturday

Well hi there, Hot Couturiers!

It's been so busy here at HC HQ that we haven't even mustered up the gumption to sit in front of a computer for more than 0.75 seconds, so here goes with the much belated updates!

THIS SATURDAY 27th MARCH we will be shooting the Autumn/Winter Hot Couture range at Anifex Studios in Kent Town starring a cavalcade of retro beauties. Joy is pleased to announce that the lovely Pia Andersen will be strutting her stuff for the cameras all the way from sunny Sydney, alongside roller derby dolls Sarah Easter and Nikki Ward.

How amazingly gorgeous is Pia...she makes me renounce my atheism in favour of the big man upstairs that's for sure. What. A. WOMAN!

Nikki is the newest rose to enter the echelons of Hot Couture model stardom and she is a hotty to trotty. Check out those peepers - jeepers creepers!

Meanwhile, this broad here seems all peaches and cream but Sarah is one devil broad from the other side of hell. Don't be fooled by the demure telephone - this woman is a veritable she-devil from the planet hotness and that's the truth Ruth!

The shoot will be facilitated by he following dream team:

Fashion Director - Joy Taylor
Photographer - JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick
Makeup and Hair - Jen Rossiter
Styling - Stephanie Mountzouris and Greta Rumsby
Models - Pia Andersen, Nikki Ward and Sarah Easter

And what of the new range???!!!

The range consists of some pretty ama-zing new items that are sure to stun - including my favourite, extremely high-waisted capri pants that are high enough to wear a 3 inch belt with. HUZZAH FINALLY! SOME PERFECT FITTING CAPRI PANTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY FLATTERING AND MADE OF HIGH QUALITY FABRIC! I've been praying for eons for said capris and Joy has answered my personal plea that all you dames and braods can reap the benefits of too. ROAR!

And wait til you see what else Joy has in store for you.

Come back and check after Saturday gals!!

love stavroula xoxo