Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best 50's fair ever.

50's fair Rose Siedler House Sydney

I can't believe the 50's fair has been going for 10 years now. This year I decided not to have a stall, turned out to be a very good decision. The 50's fair got Hot Couture started all those years ago when I sold my very own evening frocks and realised the need for new garments made from vintage patterns.
As we lined up for the first time we were entertained by people watching and listening to a gorgeous girl in a pick-up singing and playing guitar. Never having lined up before I was in shock at how many people were there so early. I took my model Sarah and kids with me and once through the gates I wondered if I would ever find them again. So many amazing stalls.
Andrew my old buddy who I always shared with was in his usual spot, it was strange not seeing the hills hoist covered in Hot Couture frocks. It was fun checking out all the stalls and not being in a hurry, I scored some cool sunnies and quite a few patterns. The Velvet Set were first up, it was lovely listening to Sarah sing while I shopped. Briefly found Sarah and Eddy and his girlfriend but lost them again.
Ran into sooooo many people in the crowd but hardly had a minute to talk. Burlesque performer Kitty Van Horne, Pete and Sarah from Deadbeat mag, Donna from Adelaide, diehard 50's fans Sue and Mark, Marilyn from Vegas. I only saw Pia and Annette for a second before they were whisked away in the sea of people. I was worn out by 2pm and so happy I didn't have a stall to pack up. I had a chat with Tina and Bruce from Retrospec'd and they had decided to not have a stall this year and enjoy the day. I think we made the right choice.
Luckily, as I was running out of steam one of my friends asked me to afternoon tea at one of the other Siedler houses down the back of the garden. There are 3 homes on the property all designed by Harry Siedler. We left the crowds and headed down to see Bryan and his lovely wife. We were greeted by the most amazing 50's home, possibly even more beautiful then the one where the fair is. Sitting on the edge of a cliff with a swimming pool in the distance we sat on the verandah eating cakes and having a cuppa in the most divine cups I've ever laid eyes on. I kept getting texts from Sarah and Eddy wondering where I was.
I'll tell you where I was.......... I was in 50's heaven. Bryan showed me through his home and even told me the history of it all. He lived there as a kid and his uncle was Harry Siedler. Everything about the house was perfection. Sadly we had to head up the hill back to the chaos and meet up with the kids who were ready to pack it in. It was a wonderful day, I don't know if I will have a stall again in the future. Hot Couture seems to be doing pretty well without having to cart and pack up racks and frocks. Time to enjoy the benefits of all our hard work. XXX Joy

50's fair Rose Siedler House Sydney

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DAS right!

You may already know that Hot Couture is now pretty well established all over Australia. We stock in Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. Sadly Adelaide doesn't have a shop currently stocking H.C.


Yay! At last you will be able to buy our new range at DAS. DAS is in Ebernezer place right next to one of our other fave shops Midwest Trader. The boys at DAS not only sell fabulous clothing but you can have a trim or a colour while your there. So next time your in the East End of Rundle St drop by and say hi to the boys. They have lovely Melissa shoes to go with your fave H.C. frock. I'm soooooooo happy.

Check out their blog at http://das-revolution.blogspot.com/


Spring range

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Ruby Vintage

My daughter Ginger and I went Vintage shopping today and I have to say Red Ruby Vintage in Peel St in the city has some pretty awesome frocks, coats, hats ect. I couldn't believe the prices they are so reasonable. Being used to high Sydney prices I was pleasantly surprised. Ginger tried on some fabulous frocks and bought a beautiful baby blue beaded cardy for $70. Yes! you read right, not a single moth hole, which is almost impossible to find these days. She also bought the most amazing leopard coat having her arm twisted by me, I know what it's like to regret not having bought the bargain of the day. It was only $85, stunning coat. I have to share this information and as long as you come back here for repro I don't mind. Original vintage is still my first love. I tried on a coat to die for, it's black with a mink collar and is only $120, great condition as well, so if your a bigger size you better get in quick. I have coats coming out of my ears and sadly left this one in the shop. Tell Gayle, Joy from Hot Couture sent you, she is incredibly helpful and has a great knowledge of vintage. Happy shopping XXX Joy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our girl Kate

We are so excited, our girl Kate Mcinerney's hard work has finally paid off. Kate has been in London for the last 9 months slogging away for Emilio Del La Morena. Not just any old fashion house. Kate will be at London Fashion week, schmoozing with all the celebs no doubt. Kate has made a lot of the parkers and skirts you see in his ready to wear winter collection. Not my cup of tea really, not a pretty 50's number in sight but he's the one showing in London not Hot Couture so he must be doing something right. He has employed our Kate so he HAS done something right. Good luck Kate we want to hear EVERYTHING. Hot Couture may not be on the catwalks but we will have one frock there at least. The lovely Ruby Rose will be wearing one of our sarong frocks. Can't wait to post pics of that. Love Joy XXX

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have been very busy pulling apart old 50's frocks, transferring old patterns onto blocks. In my effort to save all my patterns I have been inspired. As soon as a pattern is done I feel the need to make it up, therefore all my lovely Hot Couture customers will benefit. I will be putting up one off's as I make them. If I have enough fabric there may be a few made but no more than four. Prices will vary according to the price of the fabric. I will get these on my website eventually but they will be in different fabric that I can buy all the time from wholesalers. Go to my facebook Hot Couture page for prices and contact me via my email hotcouture@bigpond.com or facebook ( I'm on facebook) a lot so if you want to get in first that's the way to go. Hope you like these, it was pretty tough cutting up the Black Hawaii Sarong it was made of the most beautiful silk and my favorite of all my frocks. Oh well moving on! XXX Joy

New one-off's!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Jump for Joy, she's back.

Our girl Stavroula is back on board, Yay! to that. I knew I had missed her but until today I didn't realise how much. Stav and I had a wonderful breakfast meeting at the Stirling Pub where we brainstormed, ate, brainstormed and ate some more. Stav has come home with a whole load of enthusiasm and it's catching. We have decided to make one off frocks from all of my precious patterns and offer them to member's and facebook peeps at a very special price. Monday is the day our girl will post all of the new garments for sale so keep an eye out. We have decided to do giveaways to customers on certain days as well so watch this space. I'm sooooooooooo pumped about all the new stuff we are going to get done. XXX Joy