Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot bathing suit.

We know it's the end of summer but we have just bought this fab polkadot lycra and  couldn't help ourselves. Even though we have a zillion other things to do here at H.C.H.Q including organising our shoot we stopped everything to make these babies up. Esther Williams would be proud. The set includes bathing top, bottoms and cap.

We think Ginger looks adorabubble in the new Esther bathing costume. We won't be putting this on our website till next summer so if you are off on vacation and need it now e mail us at and make sure you wear the cap. XX Joy

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pin Up gal Beckijo

Another fabulous Pin Up Gal

Beckiejo is 33 and married with 4 children (14yrs-1yr)
She grew up surrounded by old movies but it was Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story that started her fascination with women from the 40 and 50's. Beckijo was so taken with her style she landed her first job at Laura Ashley just to buy wide leg, flat front pants!
When her husband Joe & Beckijo have time from the children they love going to Burlesque, Vaudeville & Cabaret shows in Melbourne.
It was through her friends within the Burlesque industry that as a gift she was given a vintage pinup styled photo shoot in June 2010. The photographer asked to submit the shots for Miss Pinup Australia and Beckijo was selected to go through to the finals for Victoria in 2 sections (vava-voom & classic). B.J. won the titles of Miss Vava-voom Victoria 2011 & Miss Classic Pinup Victoria Runner up.
Beckijo did the competition to surround herself with like minded women with a passion for vintage clothes & to prove after 4 children she can still be herself.
From that great night winning the titles BJ has been fortunate enough to be asked by 2 American based agencies to be a part of a magazine spread, a breast cancer awareness calendar & pinup calendar both to be released 2012. That photo of her in a Frock called Wanda along with another shot had her selected to be pinup of the month for April 2011 by Curvy.
Beckijo particularly loves the lingerie of the vintage eras 30's 40's & early 50's. Another of her passions is collecting Hawaiian home-wares, Coca-Cola memorabilia & Australian magazine ads from the 40 & 50's. So when she saw "a Frock called Wanda" by Hot Couture, she just had to have it. To quote Beckijo  “the style is so divine you're compelled to find a reason to wear it....any excuse will do I've even vaccumed in it! That Koi design,    so prominent in Japanese culture was such a pull, it was truly different from anything I have ever owned. I have actually been asked to have photos taken in 'Wanda' at a Japanese antique, home-wares store”.
So one competition & a dress called Wanda have provided a mum of 4 with opportunities she could only have dreamed of.Thanks Beckijo. X

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hana wearing exclusive Hot Couture!

Häna Brenecki for Hot Couture

Häna Brenecki
On Monday night the fabulous Hana and her band Ricochet Pete are playing at the Gov with non other than one of my fave bands Cherry Poppin' Daddies. 
Hana owns shares in H.C. having bought quite a few of our frocks. Here are a few that we have made up exclusively for her.

Ricochet Pete has come a long way since the band started in 2004 playing a 21st backyard birthday. Starting out as a solid three piece, original members Hana, Shannon and Matty, wrote and recorded two cd’s , playing a sold out EP launch of ‘sugar coated’ at the Jade Monkey in 2007. Influenced by the Sonics, the Muffs, Juliette and the Licks, Turbonegro, plenty of 60’s girl groups and a whole lot of booze, RP have had a couple of guitarists to add to the madness over the years to make four.
Releasing their first full album in 2009 titled ‘the Dark Side’ at Enigma bar and then launching it in Melbourne soon after, fuelled the band to get supports such as Pierced Arrows (USA), The Assassinators ( Denmark) and Bodyjar’s sold out last ever tour.
The Dark side sold multiple copies online, at shows and through Big Star Records, and reached number 1 six weeks in a row on 3D radio’s top 20+1 charts finishing at number 3 for the year.
In 2011 RP have been asked to support The Cherry Poppin' Daddies in Adelaide on their Australian Tour, and in swing with the new guitarist, it's goin to be a good year.
Have a great night guys we're very excited that not only are you playing with my fave band but you will be wearing one of your Hot Couture numbers. 
Thanks Hana for your support. XXXX Joy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pin Ups for Hot Couture

Hot Couture sells to a lot of the Pin Up girls around the globe. Here is Bunni Lambada in our white koi waterfall Loretta. 
Miss Gigi Vine is in the turquoise Retro flamingo, she is a professional dancer/choreographer and was crowned Miss Classic Pin Up Australia. Emma and Gigi run a vaudeville duo called Vanilla Latte :).  

Emma started loving vintage when she was little, particularly the movies with Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve etc. She started pin up modelling in 2009 when she had photo's taken with Boogie Bop Dames, and entered Miss Pin Up Australia 2011. Emma was crowned Miss Perfect Pin Up Australia and Miss Pin Up Australia overall winner from over 100 entrants throughout Australia. The lovely Ms Buxton works as a lawyer and teaches dancing, performing burlesque and pole shows all over Sydney and NSW. 
Emma's pin up and performance name is Miss Bunni Lambada. Thanks girls for sending us this gorgeous photo taken by Cheryl Hardwood. This is why I love what I do. XXX Joy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Me and my Willie

Hot things happening.

Things are really picking up around here, we just can't keep up.
Last week William pattern made the most fabulous nightie, very 50's and inspired by an old one photographer Harmony Nicolas gave me.
Willie made it up in a beautiful pistachio green with black lace, we are making the matching robe this week. This is all for our photo shoot in a few weeks time with the very beautiful Libie Jean and our very own sassy Ginger Taylor. We have a great location and one of the best photographers around, Harmony Nicolas. It is all too exciting.
Willie made up a fab little evening number as well that I have been trying to get to for ages.
Where does the time go, I have had these ideas in my head forever and now finally they are coming to fruition.
We made up a big order for the lovely Pia Anderson this week, her business Vintage Allsorts is taking off and we're happy to be of help. I can't wait to see photo's it sounds like a fun gig.
That's about it for now stay tuned. XXX Joy