Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another trip to Sydney

My daughter Gypsy was having goodbye drinks on Sunday before heading outback on the Priscilla bus around Australia working on a new T.V. show.
Anyhoo I decided to surprise her so I flew over on Saturday, I had other things to do as well one of was going to this amazing textile place where they print up your own fabric, something I have been wanting to do for some time.
My husband Deane was already there working on a film so I had a nice hotel to stay in, we met on Friday night and went to dinner with an old friend, just happened to run into Sarah and Pete from Deadbeat on our way to the restaurant, always great to see those two.
On Sunday morning we met up with out son Eddy and went to the Narnia exhibition. Gypsy worked on Narnia 1 and 3  so it was really cool seeing all the amazing costumes and film of behind the scenes. It's a fantastic exhibition, my favourite bit was walking through the huge wardrobe and climbing through fur coats and out the other side.
Gypsy's goodbye was in the afternoon at a local pub, Gypsy has a really nice bunch of friends, mostly in the film business so it was great to hear what they were working on or moving on to, so much talent in one room. Gypsy was so excited about going outback, they are headed off to Broken Hill for a few days of filming, it's a reality T.V. show involving drag queens so I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. We had a really fun night and said our goodbyes then as Gypsy was off at 6.15 in the morning. Happy Trails Gypsy.
Caught up for breakfast the next morning with Stav who used to work for us she always looks so fabulous. Stav's off to Europe with her flat mate Charlotte at the end of the year, one of the producers has offered his apartment in Paris while he is away. Christmas in Paris, wow that will be a fun. Stav told me our friend Carla was in town so I called her and we went Wheels and Doll shopping. I must have watched her try on at least 10 outfits she looked amazing in everything. The new store is so beautiful I've always loved there designs, Melanie certainly did something right there.
I also called into my fave restaurant Porteno to meet up with the girls to try the new uniforms. It's so fun going there in the afternoon. I got there about 4.30 and they were all having dinner downstairs, if I was younger that would be where I would want to work, they really take care of the staff. Sarah was so happy with the uniform it's a simple 50's frock just perfect I think. So we have a lovely big order to get on with next week.
I had left all of my appointments till last other than Porteno and sadly I got sick on the last two days. I was watching the news while getting ready and they were talking about this dreadful flu and what do you know, someone sneezed and I caught it from the T.V. I had to cancel a fabric design place I was really excited about. It's all good gives me another reason to go back. The only thing with going away is coming back to a zillion e mails and orders.


  1. Aww I miss Broken Hill - it's my home town! Tell Gypsy to go to Bell's Milk Bar if she gets a chance. It is 'out of this world' amazing both the milkshakes and the diner itself. Samantha V :)

  2. I love reading this blog! Xx

  3. mine is if you 'd ever like to see it.

    It's really fun and inspiring to hear what's going on at the HC headquarters. x