Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking news.........................Hot Couture will be stocking THAT SHOP in Coolangatta and three of Karen's other stores in Queensland. Just in time for WINTERSUN. Here are the frocks that they will have in their shops from May 2010.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I can't believe it is only 4 days till we leave for Vegas. We have been crazy busy at H.C. H.Q. trying to get all our roller derby uniforms out before we go. We just aquired 4 new shops to stock,were pretty excited to be doing business with them. I have a very busy weekend getting things organised so while I'm away it will all run smoothly. The girls will hold the fort for me while I'm gone so no need to worry. We now have Joh Joh and Jenny on the team along with Greta Stavroula and I. Stav has safely landed in the States and will be waiting for me in Vegas. Can't wait to catch up with Sarah and Pete from Deadbeat. So many people I know from Sydney are going we are sure to meet up along the way. I made myself quite a few outfits yesterday including Mother of The Bride (a leopard print sarong frock). You never know who might want to tie the knot in the Elvis chapel and I want to be prepared.The new stock is now on the website, I'm so pleased with how the shoot went and want to thanks all the girls again for their wonderful work on the day. Here are some behind the scenes photo's. XXX Joy

Sunday, March 21, 2010

BELOW are photo's from our fab Kustom Kulture Weekend. Belinda from the Satellites with me, Sassy Sarah and me with no shoes having danced too much, Sarah wearing new Hot Couture and Ginger in the new Jayne top ( Im so lucky to have these gorgeous girls wear my stuff. Molly, Tracy, Jen ( our stunning hair and make-up gal) and Cherry Valens. Bottom pic is me with Eddo and Sid.

Wow! It's 11.30 Sunday night and the weekend is almost over. What a weekend it was, I haven't stopped, my feet are killing but I have a smile on my face so it can't have been that bad.
We had our girl Stavroula's film debut on Friday night a little film called 15 Love that Stav wrote and directed, it was quite an achievement. Watch out for our girl she is definitely going places along with her gorgeous man Aron.
After the film we had a quick dinner at The Jerusalem then headed over to set up our stall. We decided to move all of the samples and seconds. Out with the old I say. Thanks Ariana, who bought three Hot frocks, that girl knows a bargain when she see's one. Ginger shared my stall this year with her fab Day of the Bed skulls. We had a great night, Satellites rocked the place first up and last but not least Sin and Tonic really had the place jumpin. We love Eddo and the guys from the band, seriously they are all such great guys it makes me want to visit Tassie and see if they are all that lovely. I was happy my stall was in the same place right next to Pete and Tania. Tania was wearing her Hot Couture sarong dress that girl is turning into my very best customer. OOPS! forgot Sarah Easter my main model who owns almost every Hot Couture garment so far and Nikki who is not far behind Sarah.
It was great to see all the girls decked out in their very best 50's attire. Molly, Jen, Tiffany, Evelyn, Tania, Tracy, Lou and all the other gorgeous girls who made the effort to look stunning. It was great catching up with my old pals Isobel and Daz who are just the cutest couple. Lou had her hats on sale and if anyone is looking for a fab little cocktail hat she is the girl to see. The burlesque girls were delicious to watch Cherry and Paula amaze me. Saturday we went to see the Roller girls and all of the Hot cars. Saturday night we did it all again only this time not quite so much dancing, Rockabilly Brian wore me out the night before. Now it's all over and we have a very big week of orders to fill before I head off to Vegas. Only 10 days to go I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I picked up the new postcards that my daughter Gypsy illustrated, I hope to hand out as many as is possible while Im there, the postcards look hot XXX Joy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day of the Bed!

Is your couch looking a little bare?
Do you need something to cuddle at night?
Do you need a happy companion to brighten up your life?

than have a gander at DAY OF THE BED!
these "so hot right now" pillows are a must have!

go to;

And see what all the fuss is about!

xoxo Ginger

Kustom Kulture!

Be there!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This weekend Ginger and I are getting all geared up for the Kustom Kulture Weekend. 3 days and nights of the best bands from all over Australia. Our fave band The Satellites are playing on Friday night, were pretty excited about that. We will be having our usual Hot Couture stall along with Gingers Day of the Bed skulls for sale. H.C. will be selling off a lot of our seconds and samples for cost to make way for all the new stock so come on by and make yourself known to us. See you there. XXX Joy and Ginger

Monday, March 15, 2010

Below are our three Hot models in the new collection of Trailer Trash .
Our house model Sarah Easter in Hello Sailor with her bouy!
The fabulous singer and all round entertainer Pia Anderson in red Gidget.
Roller Derby girl Nikki Ward aka Gateway Girl in sandra Dee tight.
Love to hear what you think of our new garments there are more to come.

My gorgeous assistant Stavroula is off O.S next week so I am taking over the blogging. I'm sure I won't be as entertaining but ya never know! We have loved every minute we have spent with Stav and she will be missed, especially her colourful attire.
Greta and I wait with baited breath to see what wonderful concoction of clothing Stav will turn up in. Will she have fluro tennis ball coloured hair with a hotdog pinned to the curl or will there be a tiny surfer riding the same curl in her hair........we will definitely miss every bit of Stavroula.
She is off to Vegas, I get to meet up and party with her in only two weeks. Then our gorgeous girl will be working for none other than Patricia Field in New York. We wish her all things wonderful. I think Adelaide may be a little too small for our girl.
On the H.C. front we are getting geared up for the big Kustom Kulture Weekend at the Highway Inn. Ginger and I will be having a stall in the same spot at the back by the bar. We will be selling off samples and seconds CHEAP to make way for all the new Trailer Trash garments. We have been selling the new range even before it hits the website so were a bit excited to see what happens when it does. Ginger will be selling her Day of the Bed skulls so come say hi. Stay tuned. I will attempt to put up some pics with Stavroula's excellent instructions. Love Joy XXX

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joy's Weekend of L-U-R-V-E

Joy had a wonderful weekend full of declarations of love (and sh*ts 'n' giggles) when she attended dedicated Hot Couture customer Kylie Lyon's beautiful wedding! Joy designed the bridesmaid's frocks and if you look closely they are modifications of new HC styles 'Loretta', 'Marilyn', 'Ginger Tight' and 'Lolita'! Congratulations to Kylie and her now manservant, I mean husband James on a fabulous wedding and to many happy years together!

NAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Best of luck to you crazy kids!

Here's that ladybeast Sarah Easter looking quite the fetching bridesmaid in 'Loretta' - bouquet, anyone?

On Saturday night, Joy and I went to the Burlesque Ball accompanied by the OMG hot-as-hell Pistola Balboa aka Julia McCarron, her dashing manservant, I mean fiancee Brett and the inimitable Christine, perhaps the one lady who ties with Joy for the 'Most Genuinely Fabulous Woman In The World' title. I have photos but I think my camera is still drunk from the night so, er, I'll post some up when the hiccups stop.

Joy is also doing the Salty Dolls new uniforms so stay tuned for the first round of the Roller Derby season to get an eyeful of those puppies! YAR!

- Stavroula xoxo


Well Hot Couturiers, the final touches are being made to the latest HC Autumn/Winter fashion shoot as photographed by virtuoso photographer/cinematographer JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick. Here are a few teaser pics of femme fatale deluxe Sarah Easter wearing the brand new 'Isle of Capri' extreme high-waisted capri pants and the 'Jayne' striped top along with the hot-to-trot 'Loretta' waterfall dress:

A big super dooper thankyou to the behind the scenes team who made this shoot possible: Jen Rossiter and her sweetie pie lady assistant Molly and the angelic Hot Couture ambassador supreme Miss Greta Rumsby and her a-MAZING cupcakes. No thanks to the sushi place that slushed up the sushi order. BOO!

Stay tuned for more pics from the shoot to be uploaded on visage livre (that's facebook in French daaahlings) and also on the Hot Couture website where you can purchase these fabulous new delights!

Ta ta for now hotties xoxo Stavroula