Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goodbye Greta Kate

Goodbye Greta Kate missing you already.

Our beautiful girl Greta Kate had her last day at Hot Couture today. :(
We knew we couldn't keep her forever and we are grateful that she stayed as long as she did. I knew the day would come when she would be snapped up by some big designer and the time has come.
Greta came over on the weekend with a huge bunch of flowers to break the news. My daughter Ginger was here and was madly looking for "The Sound of Music" on her laptop. You may ask why she might do that, it was so she could play Eidelweiss and make me cry. I didn't.
I held it together and told Greta how proud I am of her and how happy I am and how much we would miss her here at H.C.H.Q. 
Today after she left I lost the plot and cried my eyes out, Ginger would have laughed her head off.
We've had the most wonderful 18 months with Greta Kate not only is she the sweetest, cutest and loveliest girl but she is soooo easy to make laugh. All I have to do is put on my HUGE raccoon coat and stand behind her while she is sewing and she loses it. I will miss her laughing most of all. I saved my party trick where I roll my ears into little balls with rubberbands for her last day. I don't think I have ever seen her laugh so hard, so she left on a good note.
Liza Emanuele your one very lucky lady to have Greta working for you full time, she is one of the hardest workers I know, I hope you appreciate her like we have.
Watch this space and face because one day Greta Kate will be on the catwalks of Milan. I'm sure of it. If you read this Greta feel free to drop by anytime but make sure you bring some of your mum's cookie's. We LOVE you. XXX Joy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Made to Measure Madness

Hola from HC Headquarters!
This week, I thought I’d tell my most avid and lovely readers how I gained such an enviable and extensive wardrobe! And no, this story does not include “One day, I strolled into Myer..!” Since I was a wee lass, I’ve etched and sketched my dream wardrobe, and copious amounts of other ridiculous outfits, but have lacked the extensive sewing skills required to manifest these crazy ideas: Cue meeting the fabulous and ever talented Ms. Joy Taylor.
One day, Stavroula, my glittery partner in crime and life, introduced me to Joy, who claimed she could make all of my wacky ideas come to life, and Alas! The fashion gods FINALLY smiled upon me!

Now my wardrobe contains mostly original one-off items that Joy has made me.
The beauty of this is that I get to have something completely individual, that fits me perfectly and in whatever fabric I choose. Ahhhh… what more could a girl want!?
So basically, if you have fashion pipe dreams, like I had for years, Joy, my fashion fairy godmother can make them all come true! Just pick your inspiration, your fabric and come in for a consultation and KAPOW! You’re gonna look fab.

Take it from me dollface, there aint nothin’ like wearing a garment made especially for you. You’ll feel and look a TRILLION dollars. And you’ll probably start sweating glitter, being so fabulous and all.

Until next week my lovely pals!
Marie xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dorothy Comes to Visit!

Last week, I saw a somewhat familiar headless doll in the studio of Ms. Joy Taylor.
Now, if you know Joy, you probably see this as no surprise. But me having the mental age of a 5 year old, was curious to know what the hell dolly was doing without her head.
Joy informs me that dolly is infact the puppet 'Dorothy' from the Schmacko's commercials. Ah, so THATS why she looked familiar (even sans head)! What on earth was Dorothy of ALLLL puppets doing in the studio, you ask!? Well, it turns out the ever talented and always full-of-surprises Ms. Taylor once worked with Anifex, the South Australian based animation company, on a Schmacko's Short Film, that was made for cinemas nationally, how cool is that!?
Now apparently, Dorothy misplaced her old cossie, and required a new one, cue the talented Ms. Taylor!
You can see the cossie in this commercial!

But for your amusement, here is a photo of a headless Dorothy. We've had lots of fun with Dorothy, taking her on outings to the post office and leaving her in inappropriate places, and we're sad to see her go back to her Anifex home. But hey, Joy got to make her look absolutely fab in some miniature HC bikinis, (Note, I will be requesting a pair in my size!) which may* have inspired the HC Monday Special tee hee! So make sure to look out for the new Schmacko's commercials, and for Hot Couture! I promise she will not be headless in the ads.

Have a swell' ol week guys n' gals!

Headless Miniature Hot Couturette!

 *definitely did inspire the Monday special

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Couture Staff I love them all.

We have had a couple of rocky weeks here at Hot Couture. I had a small stint in hospital, no big deal but it slowed things down a bit. We were inundated with orders all money going direct to the flood relief for a week, it was so amazing but bad timing with me not being able to move.
Not to worry I have a had the lovely Cristina Tridente helping out, my fabulous and hard working ladies I outsource to have all come on board and our girl Kate is back.  I was wondering if we would ever get on top of it all, we literally have order coming out of our ears and we couldn't be happier.
Stav who set up the Monday special did us a huge service, it has proved to be incredibly popular and it gives me a break as I get to design and make up one off's which I absolutely love. Cristina worked so hard this week cutting out and bundling up orders, Greta Kate, worked like a crazy woman yesterday AND bought cookies most of which ended up down my front, nothing unusual. We had had a lot of laughs which make working so much easier.
I met up with Kate Mcinerny who used to work here for coffee yesterday, it was as though she has never been gone. We too had lots of laughs and it will be great having her back here at H.C. for a bit. Kate has some wonderful plans for her future which is all very exciting but for now we will just enjoy having her around, even if it is only until she gets her own thing up and running.
It's just like old times only we do miss Stav. Our girl Marie who has taken over from Stav does an amazing job and has seemingly filled Stav's stilletto's which is no easy task. We love having her around as well she brings dolmades and makes huge greek salads for our lunch, she's a keeper.
Marie's boyfriend Sven ( who I'm secretly in love with ) don't tell him I said that, has been taking photo's of Marie and Ginger in the Monday special. He is sooo talented and I feel very lucky that these gorgeous kids want to help out, even on their weekends. We had a real cute short set to put up last week but in a hurry I had made the top a bit too short and Sven text to say it was looking more like a porn shot so we had to cancel the shoot, we don't want that at H.C.
We want 50's innocent, seductive, sensual. No boobies out the bottom of tops for Hot Couture we live in the land of swell, golly and gee Gidget. We also have our new accounts girl Caron who only comes here once a month but is already part of our crew, she's a very unusual accountant in that I understand what she is talking about and we even have some laughs, very odd indeed.
I'm having lunch today with Gypsy's friend the very handsome and talented William Lazootin he was one of the finalists from Project Runway, incredible designer and patternmaker. I am hoping William will help us out with a few of our more complicated patterns that we want for our winter range. So exciting.
I don't get much time to write the blog these days I kind of miss it. We have some stunning fabric coming from overseas this week so keep an eye out on our facebook page in the next few weeks or you will miss out. I feel so blessed to have all of these great young people around me, I'm a lucky gal.
Jen our make up and hair stylist girl for all of our shoots and owner of Paper Doll Pin ups is off for a stint in hospital ( must be catching ) we wish well, she will be just around the corner so we will have to kidnap her and bring her to the studio for some cookies and dolmade's.
I know it's corny but I really do love all my staff we are one big happy family. I forgot to mention my husband Deane who's studio is here as well he is part of our crew too, that would be because he thinks when the girls bring me cookies and stuff that they are for him as well. Stay tuned for all the exciting things coming up.
Lots of love and kisses on the bottom. Joy

Our girl Kate is back.