Friday, December 30, 2011

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What a year we've had.

JANUARY....Stavroula Mountzuoris leaves us for an incredible job in Sydney at an animation studio, we miss her terribly but know that this is the right thing for her, Stav is just too big a personality for little old Adelaide, we still miss our lovely girl. Stav's best friend Marie takes over her role and fits it like a glove, could we have any more beautiful girls. Sven Kovak / photographer comes by with Marie and we have lots of fun doing photo shoots at the beach and on the lake with Sven, Marie and Ginger.
FEBUARY...Greta Kate comes to the door with cupcakes, crying. I just know she has had an amazing job offer and I just want her to be happy so we rejoice with cupcakes, tears and a cuppa. A big Adelaide designer has snapped Greta Kate up. We love Greta Kate.
We ask Izi who we have been outsourcing to for 5 years to join the team working full time at our studio, we love Izi too. Can we be any luckier, yes we can.
MARCH...has bought us William Lazootin, he has moved here from Sydney and decided to make Adelaide his home. William is so much fun just like Stav and Greta and he's an amazing pattern maker so everything is back to normal, well as normal as H.C. can be anyway.
APRIL... we were really excited when our shipment of fabric arrived from Japan, so many beautiful designs the Koi fabric made up the most amazing sarongs and they just walked out.
MAY..was our shoot with Harmony Nicholas at Louis Bond. Such a fun day Ginger and Libie Jean modeled for us. Evie Sebben and Arrabeer did the make up and Molly Harrison did all the hair. The girls looked stunning and we went on to use 3 of the shots in ads.
JUNE.....Two Bit Villains opened in Adelaide and you couldn't meet a nicer couple than Sass and Liam they have had a wonderful six months and are expanding in March. It is the perfect place for us to stock, the turn over is excellent and for people who don't have time to come up to our studio it's perfect.
JULY...Ruby Chew had another SOLD OUT Art Exhibition. What an incredibly talented girl Ruby is, we love that she has worn exclusive Hot Couture for each of her openings.
AUGUST...always brings out the 50's fanatics. Sarah Easter and I flew up for the annual Fifties fair at Rose Siedler House in Sydney. We had the best weekend, I have had a stall for the last 8 years but decided I wanted to enjoy myself this time round and watch all the goings on. So happy I did what a great day. We also squeezed ina  night out at our fave restaurant Porteno.
SEPTEMBER...bought us issue 19 of Deadbeat it was the 12th issue for us  advertising and in this one we had our Harmony Nicholas ad shot at Louis Bond, words can not explain how beautiful this photograph looked. We were also lucky enough to have a photo shoot with Aspen wearing our strapless gingham Marilyn.
OCTOBER...I ran into this wonderful girl in the city, I actually did run into her. Chloe and I chatted for a bit, she's a student at the design course here at Tafe so I offered Chloe work and she has been working on and off here at H.C helping out. What a gorgeous, vivacious girl to have around.
NOVEMBER...We waited ages for Julia and Brett's amazing cowboy wedding. Hot Couture dressed the wedding party but that wasn't the best bit, actually attending this wedding was the highlight of my year.
We also had Miss Pin Up Australia and the lovely Lauren and Annie come to us for day wear and evening wear. We loved dressing these two fun girls and Lauren won Miss Perfect which was perfect for all of us. Lauren and Annie have since become regulars at our studio and we adore when they drop by.
DECEMBER....Huge month for us, we launch our new website and have 16,000 hits in the first few days. Were over the moon with the website and even though it took longer than we thought it would it has paid off big time. Thanks to everyone involved.
Issue 20 of Deadbeat comes with our ad photographed again by Harmony Nicholas, now this one is my favourite. We also have a lovely spread on "Girly stuff" photographed by Shannon Brooke.
So you can see it has indeed been a huge year for us and apart form the odd trip to Sydney we haven't even had a holiday. Why would we want one when every day we are doing what we love and like Willy says it never seems like work at Hot Couture it seems more like a party. That's the way we like
it. So stay tuned when we get some time we will still be having the odd Monday Special, we are making up some nice men's shirts as well so keep and eye out for them. We also have a surprise SALE soon just to move any returns and samples, we will let you know via facebook.
HAVE A WONDERFUL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR FULL OF LOVE AND LAUGHTER. Thank you for following our blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoy having you peek into our world. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lots of love and hugs Joy XXX

Monday, December 19, 2011

Shannon Brooke Imagery.


We were so excited to have Shannon Brooke photograph Hot Couture for this issue of Deadbeat under the heading (GIRLY STUFF) I love that.
Hot Couture is alongside non other than “Lucy & Lingerie” and “Miss Lulu.”
The very lovely Shayna is wearing our perfect Isle of Capri pants and Ava top in black, we love this shot of her by the old gas pump at George’s Ranch and Garage.
On the next pages Shayna is wearing Lolita in black with cherry motifs and Lolita in red satin. These frocks are perfect for the festive season in fact in one of the photo’s the girls have knocked off a bottle of champers, my kind of models.
Thanks Shannon for the stunning photo’s.   

Photography…….. Shannon Brooke Imagery
MUA……..Randee Rachet
Hair………Danielle June of Pompadour House of Design
Shot on location at George’s Ranch and Garage.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Addicted to Hot Couture

We've been going back through our Hot Couture orders to organise a mailing list and got a very pleasant surprise. Many of our customers have ordered more than 4 or 5 garments. This is not only testament to how well they are made but how well they fit and it feels pretty good knowing that we are doing it right.
Just recently we met Lauren Thiel who is one of the Adelaide Burlesque dancers. Lauren came to our studio to talk about outfits for the Miss Pin Up contest and bought several frocks. Since then Lauren and some of her friends have come up to the H.C. studio on a regular basis. To date Lauren has bought 8 garments and has several more on order. Not only is this great for us but the girls who come to us are getting quality garments made to measure. I can't stress enough how much better a garment looks if it has been fitted on you. Here are just a few of Lauren's new frocks.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


On Friday night we had our launch party for the new website, it was really lovely catching up with everyone who had worked so hard to make the website happen. Everyone was there from Xtrashiny, Sven our photographer, our hair and make up girls Jen and Cat. Our model Ginger and her gorgeous new boyfriend Jordon. All of the Hot Couture peeps and of course my very supportive husband Deane. We held it at Louis Bond, I have been itching to have a cocktail party or a parade there so this was the perfect excuse. The boys that own Louis Bond are just wonderful and I can't say enough about the fabulous food, in fact there was so much we didn't even need to go out after to eat. Kylie and Mel from Delectable Sins dropped by with the cupcakes for everyone to take home, they had made Deane his own special one with a skull on it, how cute is that. It really was the perfect launch for the new website and our model Ginger finally got her payment for working so hard on the day. One bottle of "Sailor Jerry Rum." Hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as I did. XXX Joy