Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have a lot of people write and ask what the kids are doing so I thought I should include them in my blog even though Gypsy and Ginger have their own.

GYPSY is traveling around the outback at the moment working on a new television series about drag queens in the desert, yes desert not dessert. Gypsy got back from Mexico a couple of months ago and hadn’t had a ton of work except Pearlie the kids books that she illustrates. Being a lot like her dad she is a bit of a work-a-holic so working 7 days a week, with drag queens is the perfect job. 
Gypsy also gave a talk at The Powerhouse Museum just before she left. There is an exhibition all about Narnia and the making, Gypsy worked on 1 and 3 as costume illustrator. There was an amazing photo in the Sydney paper of her with the queen’s gown but I can’t seem to get my hands on it.

EDDY graduated from NIDA and has been working at this amazing place called EARTH where they have been making huge dinosaurs for a traveling show and How to Train Your Dragon stage production, I called in there when I was last in Sydney, the place is incredible and Eddy is right at home. I’m so happy to see him doing what he loves, he was the only Taylor kid I worried about having chucked it all in 2 weeks before he graduated high school. Next month he is going to be working in the prop’s dept on Wolverine.

GINGER  was working at an Animation studio last year but in her words “ I can’t stand the quiet and everyone has on earphone’s so you can't talk to them, it’s driving me insane. ” Needless to say Ginger prefers retail where she gets to hang out with like minded fun and noisy people. She is so much like me. She works in a hip shop in the city three days a week. and gets so much free stuff because of her sales she could start her own shop. The other 3 days Ginger works for a recruitment firm. That way she get’s the best of both world’s and doesn’t get bored easily.
Ginger is still making her skulls which she sells at Derby and to a few shops around in the city, she is so clever I’m sure there is a business right there. Just like Gypsy she is always busy.
Who knows where life will take our lovely kids but their proudest achievement as far as I am concerned is that they are just really nice people. That’s why we love them xxx Joy

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