Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Studio Fun!

 Aloha guys n' gals!

Well, it's been a while since I've updated our trusty followers on the goings on at HC headquarters, so allow me to give you a little visual tour of our studio! The ever-so-dashing-and-darling Sven Kovac  took these behind the scenes shots of a typical working day featuring the divine Ms. Taylor, the fabulously efficient William Lazootin and yours truly. 

I don't mean to brag, (but I will anyways! tee hee!) working here has been SUCH a Joy (pun intended). I find myself constantly surrounded by beautiful people, from our customers and followers to HC staff; and of course our RIDICULOUSLY generous lady-boss-in-charge, Joy.
The studio is full of good vibes, beautiful fabric, hawaiian music and cups of tea, so we want to share what a working day is like for us, and maybe one day you can come in for a fitting and join us! (We love visitors, just as much as we like to procrastinate!)

Have a lovely week my beauties,
and remember to spread the love!

-Marie :D xoxo

All the pretty frocks!

I.T support. (God help us all)

No snoozin' for Latoozin. Such a hard worker!

Most likely gassbagging.

oohhh, special orders!

Just another day of designin'

Monday, March 14, 2011


That's right boys & girl's Hot Couture has jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon! if you're in the blogging world or would just like to bookmark our new page here it is...follow away kids!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Deadbeat party

Last Wednesday night was so much fun. Deadbeat magazine put on a fab party at The Vangard in Newtown. My daughter/model Ginger and I flew up for the party were happy we did. Everyone was there even our girl Stav who we hadn't seen since she left H.C.H.Q a few months ago. My son Eddy and his adorable girlfriend Lucy.
Highlights of the night were of course our favourite pin up girl Sabina Kelley signing autographs and looking stunning in a Wheels and Doll frock she had bought that day. Sailor Jerry Rum was on tap, lucky we got there early, Sailor Jerry Rum guy was VERY cute. Erin from Poco Rojo pictures was there looking fab as always, Burlesque Queen  Kitty Van Horne, who gave us a lift home ( thanks Kitty. )
Pete from Deadbeat's band played first up to get everyone in the mood, then the Sin and Tonics and last of all Pat Cappoci. Stav, Ging and I danced the night away with all our fave pin up girls. It was lovely to meet Lucy Topp, Bec and Jeff from Bexterity pin up photography. The Snowdropper boys were all there and are about to start their American tour so we wish them all luck.
Sarah and Pete creators of Deadbeat magazine are the best people I know in this industry we love them to bits, so happy we flew up, it was a hellava party.

Monday, March 7, 2011


It's that time again boys and girls...

This issue features all our favorite things here at Hot Couture... Bands, Burlesque, Babes & Broads!
The Sin & Tonics making a suave' debut, Kitty Van Horne Saucing it up, Sabina Kelly looking incredible as usual & lets not forget Sammi La La rockin' that Muchacha Hot Couture garment like it aint' no thang!

Big thanks to Poco Rojo Photography for the Pictures of Sammi La La!
and a HUGE thanks to Sarah & Pete the creators of Deadbeat Magazine, these guys are not only amazing at producing the greatest Kustom Kultures you can get your greasy little mits on, they are SUPER sweet too! Why wouldn't you love em?!

Muchos love from up here at Hot Couture H.Q amigos!
Ginger xx