Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas from Hot Couture!

It's that kuh-razy time of year again when a gazillion prawns needlessly perish and everyone catches up with family and friends to celebrate their death with tartare - yes folks it's a few sleeps til Christmas and on behalf of Joy and the Taylor family, we wish all our happy customers and hot fans a very seafoody christmas and super happy new year!

There are some fabulous new Hot Couture styles in the works for a February 2010 release but until then, here are the Taylors in their natural habitat as made by the irrepressible Gypsy. Fa la la la la laaa la la la LAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Joy xoxo

Deane xoxo

Gypsy xoxo

Eddie xoxo

Ginger xoxo

and Stavroula xoxo

Love Me Tender

So its no secret that Joy is a fervent follower of the King - her studio has all sorts of random Elvis stuff lying around, including this AAAMMAAZING box of chocolates that sings 'Love Me Tender' once opened. Gulp! A gift from her friend Peggy in the US of A, this box sits and stares at me with nothing short of heartfelt tenderness. Personally I'd prefer if he sang the schmultzy middle 8 of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' but for now, that'll do pig. LE SIGH.

- Stavroula xoxo

Make-a me hot and/or BOOTIFUL!

Like the super classic pin-up makeup of Hot Couture models deluxe, Madame Sarah Easter and Miss Ginger Danger as seen in Deadbeat mag? The magic's in the makeup and it's all thanks to Jen Rossiter and her army of paints, brushes and other assorted magic wands. Jen is Hot Couture's resident photoshoot makeup savant and she sure knows what she's doing with liquid eyeliner ladies.

See more of Jen's fabulous work at

- Stavroula xoxo

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy customers in Hot Couture!

Joy has earned a loyal and dedicated fan base of gals lovingly wearing Hot Couture around the traps, and I've managed to dig up some pics from some distant folder on the evil Macintosh of some oh-so-happy customers looking hot hot hot in their Hot Couture. Look at all these stone cold foxes!

Ruby Martin wearing Hot Couture in London.

Kaspia wearing Lolita Evening.

Libie Jean wearing Cherry Lolita.

Kylie wearing Lolita Tight.

Ruby wearing Marilyn.


- Stavroula xoxo

Gypsy Rulez

So how spunky is the Hot Couture illustration gal gracing most of our ads, artwork, swing tags and cyberland presence? Pretty hot diggity spunky:

She was created by none other than Joy's fabulously talented daughter Gypsy Taylor who is a Costume Designer, Production Designer and Illustrator (talk about one seriously gifted family). If you love our signature illustration, set your eyes on these puppies and swoon:

See more of Gypsy's work at

- Stavroula xoxo

Harper's Bazaar Editorial Feature

Here's an oldy from the HC archives that's ripe enough for the big, bad world of blog. Hot Couture was featured in the Harper's Bazaar April 2008 edition fashion shoot titled 'Rockabilly' and our bestselling Bardot looks fabulous - but the jury's still out on the styling of the image. Rockabilly? Really? With Top Gun aviators? They may sell over 100,000 copies every month but we here at HC HQ think that maybe a pair of cats eyes, a lovely little cardi and a smile would have looked, erm, more rockabilly than mockabilly. You decide:

- Stavroula xoxo

2010 Adelaide Roller Derby Launch

Have a looksy at the decadent roller derby dawls lookin' trashy divine in Hot Couture at the 2010 ARDL launch. REOW!

Visit for more info on the 2010 season.

- Stavroula xoxo

The gorgeous Pia Andersen in Hot Couture!

Straight outta the Hot Couture archives, may we present some lovely photos of Pia Andersen, chanteuse deluxe, 50s enthusiast and all-round glamour girl wearing Hot Couture in the fabulously feminine manner that is uniquely Pia. What. A. Doll. Seriously. DOLL!

You can see more of Pia's styling work at

- Stavroula xoxo

Hot Couture in MERGE Magazine!

How gorgeous is this. Several Hot Couture items were featured in the December/January MERGE magazine paper doll themed fashion shoot, including the Annette PJs, Hello Sailor skirt and Ava top. Cut out n' keep your very own Hot Couture paper doll for hours of simply fuss free amusement! Yoo hoo!

Click on the images below to make 'em bigger:

The OMG amazing photos were taken by none other than Harmony Nicholas aka Dalaiharma. You can see more of her fantastical, hypercreative work at

MERGE magazine is Adelaide's guide to creative living and loves Hot Couture! Show some L-O-V-E for MERGE at

- Stavroula xoxo

Hot Couture in The!

Check out the link below for a rather nicely dot pointed interview with Joy about Hot Couture and why she would rather design fabulous frocks than hang by the pool!

The piece features a lover-ly photo of the ooh! ooh! va-va-voom Kate and Ginger wearing Hot Couture, naturallement.


- Stavroula xoxo

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hot Couture in the 21st Century!

Well hi there Mr. Computer!

I know we haven't always been the best of friends but today my darling: I love thee. You have birthed the Hot Couture blog and my, what a lovely blog it is! I promise I'll try and update it with all the latest Hot Couture designs, photoshoots, pin-ups, recipes, press articles, Roller Derby updates and much more! Thankyou Mister Macintosh, I'm sure Madame Joy will learn to love you as much as I do.

Sincerely yours, Stavroula, "Hot Coordinator" xoxo