Saturday, May 12, 2012

Up close and personal with Lanie Lane

Wow! Sometimes the universe just opens up and drops a whole lot of wonderful in your lap.
Lovely Sarah Doyle from Porteno in Sydney asked if we would make a few outfits for Lanie’s new video clip. It was being filmed at Porteno last month and sadly was cancelled because of sickness. I still sent the outfits anyway as they were made for Lanie and I was excited at the prospect of  her wearing Hot Couture in her video clip or otherwise. I had heard about her from my daughter Ginger who is a huge fan and several friends who had raved about her from the last gig she did in Adelaide. I watched her video “That’s what you get falling in love with a Cowboy” and fell in love with Lanie too. One of my friends Sharon had Lanie sign a poster for me at the last gig that I couldn’t make, I WILL be framing it.  I didn’t miss this gig however, Lanie gave me a few tickets and myself Ginger and a few friends all went along.
Elly picked me up and on the way Lanie called to see if I could swing by the hotel to pin in the pants and skirt.
I was not cool it’s true and I was a little excited about meeting her but realised that Ginger would be absolutely beside herself when we told her. I made a very mean joke about calling into the hotel before we picked Ginger up but that would have been too cruel. The hotel was on the way and when we got there Lanie was standing at the door in tiny little shorts playing a blow up pink guitar with matching blow up microphone. She gave me a huge hug and I could hear Ginger stifling a squeal behind me. I have to say Lanie could not have been more chilled. We met the other girls who were just as adorable and I set about pinning and trying things on Lanie. I have only met one other person in the music industry as humble and unaware of their fame and that is Pat Cappocci whom I equally adore.
As we were leaving Lanie offered us more free tickets but I didn’t want to put her out so I asked if it would be OK for Ginger and Elly to have a photo with her instead. Lanie said she would text us after the show and we could go backstage for photo’s, I don’t know how Ginger got through the rest of the night really.
The show was incredible and Lanie certainly delivers, this little gal has one powerful voice, I love all of her songs and her band is dynamic.
As promised, Lanie text and we went back for Gingers and Elly’s photo.
I feel very lucky to have been a part of last night Lanie’s star is rising fast have a look at her wonderful clip and see for yourself.
Love Joy