Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Taylor family minus Gypsy who had seen it in N.Y.C

Tim and I

Poison in a bottle

Red carpet

Tim Burton Party

Tim Burton party at the ACMI

Last week we were invited to the launch of the Tim Burton exhibition at Melbourne's ACMI in Federation Square. Your probably wondering why I was invited. I'm proud to tell you that my husband Deane was the art director on one of Tim's film's.
'Nightmare before Christmas.' It was the whole red carpet deal and lots of fun. I deliberately made an outfit that would have made Tim proud. Black and white stripe skirt with roses all around the bottom. Greta Kate my assistant did a fab job of the coat. Anyway enough about me...........................the night was sultry. Actually it was freezing but very warm inside considering there was over 1,000 people. I've never walked the red carpet before (unlike some in my family) so I was pretty thrilled, had lots of wonderful comments about my outfit along the way. Deane wore his best skull scarf and lobster tie. The band was fantastic and the whole night was themed around Nightmare and Beetlejiuce. The alcohol was served in black poison bottles, I managed to squeeze two of them in my pockets for the kids, who sadly were outside watching the whole event unfold.
I felt so sorry for Tim when he was asked to speak he was really nervous and wringing his hands like crazy it must have been so painful for him to have all that attention put on him. I was lucky enough to have a bit of a chat before he was whisked away..........he was the sweetest. Once all the speeches were over we got to see the exhibit and let me tell you if your a fan you have to go there are not enough adjectives to describe it. If your not a fan go anyway, there is something for everyone. The huge topiary deer, some of the Alice costumes the blue one has little bunnies embroidered all around the skirt base. Over 500 pieces of art. Make sure you read the poem Tim wrote in highschool about his blind date. It might make you have second thoughts, if ever the nerdy guy asks you out...you just never know what his future holds.
Deane had one of his illustrations hung with the Nightmare display, so exciting to see Deane's work up there with the best. We spoke to the curator from New York and he said normally people take 45 minutes to go through an exhibit but it was taking and average of 2.5 hours. We took three and went back the next day with the kids. I can honestly say it was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. I loved every second XXX Joy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Nikki ( Gateway Girl)

A BIG Happy Birthday to one of our favourite models Nikki Ward. I'm sure she is recovering after her big Derby weekend and the big bash last night at H.Q. Hope she has recovered. Nikki is having her costume party in a couple of weeks and sadly we will be in Melbourne at the Tim Burton exhibition opening. I think were going to miss a damn good night. XXX Joy

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Incase you don't know already Hot Couture sponsors the Adelaide Roller Derby. It is honestly one of the best things that has happened to Hot Couture not only do we make all the uniforms we go to all the games. I personally have become an absolute die hard fan of Derby. Yesterday the Adelaide girls pulled together the Grand Slam one of the biggest tournaments the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen.
We arrived to set up our Sponsor booth about 10am, it was beyond exciting just to be there amongst all the girls. Derby girls everywhere you looked. The teams were playing in the huge halls either side of the show-ground, it was hard to know which match to watch, I swear I lost weight running between the halls. Actually I did find a coffee shop in between where I scoffed lamingtons and coffee, i tell I lie I may have put on some weight. Ginger and April watched to booth while I watched the matches
( Thanks Girls). It was such a great day. Meeting all of the interstate teams and the New Zealand team was fantastic what a great bunch of girls. My fave match was between the Adelaidians and the N.Z. Pirates. Adelaide won by 4 points, only just too, I thought the Pirates were going to win in the last seconds. Three of our girls were benched, I can't even imagine how hard that was for them. The girls were all in tears it was soooooooo awesome. To pull this kind of a weekend together was a pretty big call and I just wanted to thank ARD for letting H.C.be a part of something very special. XXX Joy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Below are photo's of Kitty Van Horne one of Australia's best Burlesque acts. Kitty is wearing Lolita made from green silk dupion, Marilyn made from silver silk dupion and Bardot made from a wonderful vintage gold lame. Kitty often asks Hot Couture to make frocks from her own fabric, we are always happy to as the outcome is always nothing short of sensational. XXX Joy

A testament from one of my fave H.C. customers. Kitty Van Horne

So why do I choose Hot Couture?
When I have a special event to attend, I want to wear something unique, vintage inspired, flattering, comfortable and affordable - so, I call Joy and the Hot Couture team. I love to wear vintage but it can often be fragile, expensive and needing alterations which can be expensive.
With Hot Couutre I can pick my own fabric and send it to the team so that I know that no one else will have the same dress as me!
My first two frocks were to wear to Summer weddings - I wanted something glamourous and comfortable. So, I picked out some gorgeous SIlk Dupion, selected one of the evening designs on the website and got in touch with Joy.
My third dress came about when I came across a fabulous modern lurex fabric that I knew just had to be transformed into a stunning Mad Men inspired Hot Couture confection. I'm so thrilled with it!
I always get lovely compliments whenever I wear my HC gear - I feel so special in them!
The staff are always such a pleasure to work with - Thank you Joy and the team at Hot Couture!