Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rockabilly Rumble/ website news and more.

There's been so much happening this month at H.C.H.Q I'm reeling. The website is taking longer than expected which in one way is frustrating but in another is a good thing. This website will be up for some time to come so we want to get it right, sadly this means waiting another month.
We had our fabulous ad in this month's Deadbeat that we are all amazingly proud of. Harmony Nicholas did an incredible job and it was well worth the wait. We were also lucky enough to have photo's of the very sassy Aspen in the same issue wearing one of our summer frocks.
We have been incredibly busy, making of all things Hot Couture bridesmaid dresses, I thought it would never end but just last week we finished the last of them. They are all October and November weddings so we should have some great photo's of them soon.  One in particular is a cowboy themed wedding that we are invited to Yeehaw to that.

We also had Smokin Betty's Rockabilly Rumble this month which just like last year was way too much fun. Last year we had a fashion parade but because of being really busy and not having our fabulous Stav to help out we decided not to do the parade. We did however have an unexpected parade of girls wearing Hot Couture, once word got back to us how many girls were actually wearing H.C to the R.R.we decided a prize was in order to say thank you. I had nothing to do with the judging as it would have been a bit bias, I pretty much knew most of the girls who were there. Tia who was wearing one of our lovely new frocks "Vivienne" won the prize of a made to measure Hot Couture frock. Congrats Tia it couldn't have gone to anyone sweeter. Thanks Jessi, Phil and Two Bit Villians for making it all happen.
Two Bit Villian's had a great parade and included a couple of H.C frocks which looked stunning on the girls. Christina really rocked the red Bardot. The funniest part of the night, was as Willy and I were leaving my studio I was madly tearing the place apart looking for a bolero to go with my sarong frock. I has 15 minutes and clothes were flying everywhere, I have 3 bolero's but of course couldn't find one. I screamed at Willy, " I'm going to have to run one up and ran into the cutting room and started to madly cut fabric off. Willy just laughed and held up the bolero he had made while I was in my panic. You gotta love a man that can not only read your mind but can whip up a bolero in 15 minutes. Thanks everyone who came along in Hot Couture, next year if it's OK with the organisers I will make it official, everyone in Hot Couture wins a prize.
Wow! What a month September was, can't wait to see what Frocktober brings. XXX Joy

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