Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chris Isaak story.

I first heard of Chris Isaak in the early 90's, we were living in San Fransisco at the time as my husband Deane was working on a film. Chris was performing a lot at the clubs over there and I had been told that he lived nearby. I was completely smitten, seriously who doesn't like him, not only is he gorgeous to look at but he is just the nicest guy.
We moved back to Sydney in 1993 and I started to tell my friends about his music, it seemed no one had heard of him except the odd person who had seen Blue Velvet. Chris came over to perform at The Enmore in Sydney in '95 and I talked all my friends into going along. The theatre wasn't even packed and I was really upset for him. Honestly he couldn't have cared less, he was so happy to be here and talked a lot about surfing and how fun it was to be here in Australia.
After the show we waited around to get an autograph, I asked him to write on my T/shirt " Joy will you marry me" I figured if he signed it, it would be a legal document. He wrote " Joy will you have my baby" talk about smooth. I was completely hooked, what a doll. I have since seen him schmooze every girl he comes across, it wasn't just ME. Reporters go weak at the knees, I don't know what it is that he does but it would be a scary world if every man sent us women into a spin like that.
The next time Chris came back to Sydney I managed to buy tickets right in the front row. I went with my daughter Gypsy who was 18 at the time and her friend Emma. This time the Entertainment Centre was packed. Yay, finally word was out. When he came on I pushed my way right to the front, Gypsy and Emma were up the other end of the stage right underneath him but I didn't want to get a neck ache so I stayed put. Thank the Gods for that one because I was right by the steps and when he ran up the back of the auditorium and headed toward the stage, I was right in line with where he was headed. I can't even tell you how I felt when he past me and turned around, grabbed my hand and pulled me up on stage with him. He was wearing his mirrored suit and let me tell you he was dazzling in it. I was mesmerised I have no idea of the song he sang to me, I thought I was actually in heaven, I'm sure clouds were swirling around my ankles. Then out of the whole audience the lead guitarist pulled Gypsy up on stage, there we were either side of Chris and neither one of us to this day knows what song he was singing. Gypsy and I were all dressed up 50's with petticoats and full skirts, they asked us to stay on stage and dance, after the show everyone was asking us if we were part of the show. BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!!!!!! Somewhere is a photo of Gypsy and I with Chris. I have been completely in love ever since. It's O.K. Deane understands and likes him too, he does think I'm a little obsessed though.
I went to many more concerts and had close encounters of the fan kind.
Then one afternoon I was working in my costume hire shop and he came on radio, he happened to be in town so I rang the radio station to see where he was headed, the lovely girl on the switchboard who was just as smitten as me told me that he was headed to the city for a signing of his new album Baha Sessions. ( Now my favourite  record. ) I closed up shop and caught a cab into the city where to my dismay was a line all the way down Pitt St Mall. I needed some quick thinking, I went to the entrance where there was an escalator going down and the other was stopped and people were lined up. I know this is unfair but I couldn't help myself I went down the escalator, it was 5.25pm and the security guard said they were closing shop. I told him I had to buy a CD for a present and begged him to let me in. He said Chris Isaak was signing his new album so of course I said " WHO" he let me in.
I hid behind one of the counters, I told you I was obsessed. Chris came out with Kenny ( he's a doll as well) and sat right opposite me. I'm sure Chris recognised me, he looked scared. He started singing before anyone even came down the escalator. He sang Sweet Leilani and I almost melted, it was as though he was singing just to me. I know, I know, he wasn't but it felt like it. So happy I went.
In between were a few more concerts and The Music Awards which Gypsy managed to get tickets to.
I don't know if this is the highlight but it sure comes close. a few years ago Chris was coming to Adelaide where I now live. A friend of mines band was supporting The Chris Isaak Concert at one of the winery's. He asked if I wanted to come along and hang out, I had to pretend I was the band's manager which was lots of fun I even got to take up water on stage. There was a VIP area set aside where I hung out for most of the day. It was over 40 degree's I wouldn't have done it for anyone else, gosh it was a long day. At around 6pm his entourage turned up and I hung out the rest of the night with one of the girls who worked for him, Gillian. She had been working for him for years, doing his wardrobe,now there's a job I'd like. We all had dinner together and when Chris came out to dish up his dinner I was right next to him and couldn't say one word. I had spoken to over 800 people that day but couldn't think of one thing to say, What a schmuck. It was the most beautiful night and the music was lovely wafting over the winery. It couldn't have been more perfect.
Maybe if I had spoken to him then it would have been perfect. That's my Chris Isaak story. XXX Joy

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  1. I have a thing for deep voiced men...Chris, Adam Harvey and Scotty McCleary....I like them all!

    Lovely story Joy!