Thursday, October 27, 2011

My first day at H.C.H.Q.

Day one at The Sherbert Studio: An introduction to gingham and dots.

I stepped down the stairs into the sherbert-pink den that is Hot Couture Head Quarters, with H.C queen Joy leading the way and sighed with relief; finally a job that was going to be more fun than work.

Joy hands me a camera and tells me to get snapping. “Lets write about what’s going on here!” She proceeds to hum along to Marilyn Monroe as she starts her cutting work for the day. I raised an eyebrow suspiciously, it was all seeming to good to be true…

I’m a fashion student with big dreams of living a life engulfed with fabric, like Joy, and that’s why I’m here! Not entirely sure what my role here will entail just yet… I’m never going to be a super amazing cutter, as I’m left handed, and I’ve only just commenced study at TAFE, but I know how to make things look pretty, and let’s be honest, that’s what Hot Couture is all about!

The Sherbert Studio, as I’m going to name it, is stuffed full of goodies and oozes glam style. Sitting behind the desk here I’m feeling pretty lucky. I’m surrounded by polka-dot fabric of every colour, there are Vivienne Westwood shoes and bags every where I look, a stack of vintage Barbies in their original boxes to my left, and a toy revolver in front of me. I’ve died and gone to Aesthetics heaven.

Joy calls up the stairs at two H.C customers to come down and join us in the Studio. As I sit in the main office organising some networking stuff I hear laughter as Joy bombards the two girls with stories of a dangerous zoo visit whilst she measures them up. This little space is full to the brim with fun and charisma, and it’s a little infectious.

I’d say for a first day I’ve had a pretty charming glimpse at the H.C world, and I’m excited for more..

Stay tuned H.C lovers!  XXX Chloe

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