Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Last night I went to see one of the best shows I’ve seen in years, my only regret is that it was the last performance in Australia otherwise I would have been e mailing everyone I know telling them to go.
You might not know this about me but it’s not just the 50’s I adore, I have a collection of old swing and have been an avid fan of the big bands from the 40’s for a very long time.
 I was transported along with every other person at the performance to the war years and the years of all of that fabulous music and dancing. The band were here from New York and had toured to packed houses all over Australia. I first heard about it from a friend of mine who insisted I fly up to Sydney for their one night only performance at The State Theatre. I was going to do just that on Gerry’s recommendation but they had sold out, luckily Adelaide was on the tour as well. 

In my 30’s myself and two of my friends performed Andrew Sister’s music to poor unsuspecting people at our parties ( Actually I tell a lie I think they may have suspected.) We ended up performing at The Trocadero in Sydney which was amazing in itself. The photo is of Linda, Doris and I at my 30th birthday in Sydney.
Back to last night……..The band started off by playing Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman. The singers were absolutely wonderful, the three girls did a lot of Andrew Sister’s and I had to hold back from jumping up on stage and joining in. One of my favourite parts of the whole night was when one of the girls came out dressed in a nurses uniform from that era and a sailor and swing danced like I’ve never seen before. At the end the sailor tilted her back and kissed her just like the famous photo in Times Square the day the war ended.
I hope that wasn’t lost on the audience, it was beautiful. I of course was overwhelmed by the whole thing and burst into tears. XXX Joy

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