Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ruby Chew's exhibition.

If you haven't heard of Ruby Chew chances are it won't be long and you will have. I met Ruby over a year ago through Stavroula who was working for Hot Couture at the time. Ruby is one of Adelaide's up and coming young talents.
When Ruby came to me last year and asked if I would design a frock for her to wear to her very first exhibition I was thrilled. Not only because Ruby looked very much like a Hot Couture girl being very curvaceous with long fabulous dark hair, I was also interested in her art work. We got to the exhibition a little late only to find that every thing I wanted to buy had been sold. Seriously, Ruby's paintings are so beautiful and I really felt as though I had missed out.  Not this time though, I intend to get there before it even opens next Friday night. Hot Couture has made her outfit again this year which makes us very proud, I called into Ruby's studio yesterday and I can tell you there are some very special pieces in this exhibition. The one in the photo above is of Stav and I have to say she has captured her perfectly. The show is next Friday the 5th August at the Magazine Gallery in Adelaide starts at 6pm. Something I am very much looking forward to. Did I mention Ruby is about one of the sweetest girls around. See you there. XXX Joy

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