Monday, July 25, 2011

New website is on the way.

Not long now till we launch the Hot Couture website. We have really taken our time and thought this one out which is something I rarely do. My five year plan was to open a shop in Brunswick Melbourne or even East End of Rundle but with so many stores closing down and online shopping taking off I decided that it was just too big a risk.
So I have put lots of time and money into this new site. Sven our lovely photographer has passed on all of the photo's to AJ at Xtrashiny and now the fun begins. Making all of the garments was incredibly time consuming but with Izi and Williams help we have an amazing collection that is not only pattern perfect but beautifully executed as well. I'm in love with all of the designs, on the day of the shoot Cat Fanto and Jen Rossiter bought 4 garments between them and it hasn't stopped there so they must be good. I can't even believe that five years ago I was starting up Hot Couture for a bit of fun and extra pocket money and now it has turned into an amazing and wonderful business. I wake up every morning excited about what will happen next at H.C.H.Q.
To launch the website Harmony Nicholas has edited one of the photo's from her shoot, it will be in the next Deadbeat magazine so that is something to look forward to. In the meantime here is a photo of one of my favourites from the new website.

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