Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane....................!

William, Izi and I have all been working too hard of late. We've been getting all the garments ready for the new website and we haven't had time to scratch ourselves, no really we haven't. We love Hot Couture but it's time for a break, so I'm off to Sydney to spend some time with my kids Gypsy, Eddy and Ginger. I can't wait my brain has been completely about getting everything perfect and making sure we have covered all bases with our clothing line. We have a few surprises in store that we can't wait to share. William is holding the fort while I'm away so don't worry your orders will still be on time. Izi is taking a well deserved break when I get back. Then we will all be fresh and happy for the onslaught ( positive thinking ) when the website is launched at the end of the month. The shoot is on the 9th and we have the very fabulous Sven Kovak taking the photographs this time round. Jen Rossiter from Paper Doll Pinup fame is doing make up and hair. Adam J and Natalie at Xtra Shiny have been wonderful working with us on the concept and design of the new website. Have a look at one of their creations it is spectacular. That's why we're a bit excited, the first time round we thought we had a good idea of what you want and now with a few years behind us were pretty sure we have nailed it. I can't wait to have dinner at Porteno's on Sat night and catch up with family and friends. I'm meeting up with our girl Stav on Monday and Lucy Topp to boot, Yay! Have a lovely weekend. XXX Joy

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