Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot Couture Website update! YEEHAW

The website is taking a little longer than we first thought but then again all good things take time. I had a meeting with Adam, Natalie and Ben at Xtra Shiny on Friday and what they showed me blew my sock's off. Seriously I was expecting something wonderful but let me tell you this site is really worth the wait.

I went out on Friday night to Ruby Chew's art exhibition and so many people were asking when the new website would be up. I'm happy your all excited about it and I hope when it goes live that it pleases you as much as it does me. In the meantime here's another fave outfit.
The perfect halter ( SOPHIA ). William made this pattern so well, it fits everyone perfectly.  Speaking of Ruby's exhibition, that girl is going places. Ruby pretty much sold all of her portraits it was a wonderful night. Ruby wore a one off Hot Couture top that she painted to go with the artwork. Her skirt was one of our full Dorothy skirts and she teamed it all with a matching headscarf and bobby socks. We ran into at least 5 girls wearing H.C. I can't tell you how thrilled that makes me. Our girl Stav was there as well looking very HOT in Wheels and Doll Baby leopard playsuit. It was so great catching up with everyone. Sassy from roller derby and I finished the night off with a few of the other derby girls eating a huge amount of sushi. All up it was a pretty damn fine Friday night. XXX Joy

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