Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We will miss our girl Stav.

Our girl Stav has scored an amazing job in Sydney with an Animation company. If you asked me if we will miss her the answer is a BIG yes! Personally and professionally. 
It's a sad and happy day here at H.C.H.Q. I met Stav just over a year ago after she had styled a shoot with Merge magazine. Stav wanted to return the clothes and I suggested we have coffee. I was only with her for 5 minutes before I realised she had to work for us, I had no idea in what capacity so I told Stav if she could think of a job she was hired. Stav has made so much difference to Hot Couture, setting up our blog, our Monday Special  organising my office and just making H.C. so much more than it was. 
She came in like a whirlwind and lit up our studio, with her pink one day, yellow the next, hair. 
Stirling will never be the same again, neither will we. I had a look back over the blog the last year and we have had so much fun it has been a year we will never forget that's for sure. We knew Stav would be leaving us as her gorgeous and incredibly talented boyfriend Aaron managed to get into A.F.T.A.S in Sydney, no easy task. Watch out for that boy he is on his way up and Stav will be right there beside him making a name for herself. We couldn't be happier for them and we all wish her and Aaron every success. Of course it will mean more trips to Sydney to buy fabric, I already have two kids to visit and now I feel like I have one more. We will miss you Stav thank you so much for everything, you have been a bright light in our lives, I never ever thought you could possibly make me cry but I'm all teary right now. 
Good luck, knock em dead kid.............I know you surely will with your fashion. I don't even know if Sydney is quite ready for you. There isn't a kinder, more thoughtful and more genuine gal on this planet and I LOVE you Stavroula. XXXX Joy P.S. I always wanted a Greek kid.

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