Sunday, January 30, 2011


Howdy guys n' gals!
So, last week, I promised y'all that I'd post some AMAZING photos of our fave HC gal, Stav! These, just like the photo shoot of the ever beautiful Tania, were created by the amazing team at Paperdoll Pinup's! The genius of Jen and Sven ( I love that their names rhyme!!) came together to make Stavroula look even MORE beautiful than she already is. A hard task, because this woman is truly what dreams are made of.

Hot Couture also makes an appearance in these shots! WOOT!! Stav is wearing the Billie Jean Top in both of these shots! And you can get yours too, in any colour polka dot or check fabric your little heart desires! DOUBLE WOOT!! But remember kids, Billie Jean aint' on our website, so if you want one, email us!!

Well, here they are kids! But before I go remember, you too can have a hunky photographer take beautiful shots of you, ANNNND get a vintage themed makeover by possibly one of the best hair and makeup artists in the world, just go to their facebook

Stay gold, my HC lovelies!
<3 Marie xoxo


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