Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Aloha Guys n' Gals!
So sorry about the late blog entry, Joy and I have had a couple of rough days, but we are so so excited to share an amazing bunch of photos by Paperdoll Pinups, featuring one of our most loyal and beautiful Hot Couture followers, Tania Poropat!
Paperdoll Pinups is a great little Adelaide company founded by the immensely talented make-up artist and hairdresser, Jennifer Rossiter. They specialise in Pin-up and vintage styled photography, and let me tell you, from what I've seen, Jen and her creative team produce the most amazing stuff. Check out their Facebook  link here. Jen and her team, consisting of two photographers, the talented man about town Sven Kovac, and Denise Hojdyssek are obviously fabulous at what they do. Just take a look at what they've created with Tania, who is decked out looking super beautiful in Hot Couture (as every gal should be in my opinion!)
Just loungin', generally being fab
Rinso! Oooh!
Who looks this hot when cleaning... Only Tania. Sigh.
It's a hard life being this beautiful. Aaaah.

See what I mean folks!? AMAZING STUFF right!? These were taken by Sven Kovac a couple of weeks ago, with the trusty (and busty) Joy Taylor on hand for laughs and comic relief. Everyone had a swell time on the shoot, and doesn't it show!? Now, if you want the opportunity to look as beautiful as Tania, just go to Jen's site or to the Paperdoll Pinups Facebook, you know it's got to be good when even I, (who absolutely DETESTS being photographed) wants a series done!

Now, my children... NEXT WEEK I will have Paperdoll Pinup photos featuring the ridiculously photogenic, ex Hot Couturette, STAVROULA.
Clearly Stav looks amazing from the moment she wakes up, and probably vomits glitter, but wait until you see what Jen and Sven have done with her. 'Tis sure to blow your mind!
Stay tuned my lovely ones!

Thanks for reading tootsies!
Lots o' love and sunshine,
Marie :)

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