Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Ruby Vintage

My daughter Ginger and I went Vintage shopping today and I have to say Red Ruby Vintage in Peel St in the city has some pretty awesome frocks, coats, hats ect. I couldn't believe the prices they are so reasonable. Being used to high Sydney prices I was pleasantly surprised. Ginger tried on some fabulous frocks and bought a beautiful baby blue beaded cardy for $70. Yes! you read right, not a single moth hole, which is almost impossible to find these days. She also bought the most amazing leopard coat having her arm twisted by me, I know what it's like to regret not having bought the bargain of the day. It was only $85, stunning coat. I have to share this information and as long as you come back here for repro I don't mind. Original vintage is still my first love. I tried on a coat to die for, it's black with a mink collar and is only $120, great condition as well, so if your a bigger size you better get in quick. I have coats coming out of my ears and sadly left this one in the shop. Tell Gayle, Joy from Hot Couture sent you, she is incredibly helpful and has a great knowledge of vintage. Happy shopping XXX Joy