Monday, August 2, 2010

Jump for Joy, she's back.

Our girl Stavroula is back on board, Yay! to that. I knew I had missed her but until today I didn't realise how much. Stav and I had a wonderful breakfast meeting at the Stirling Pub where we brainstormed, ate, brainstormed and ate some more. Stav has come home with a whole load of enthusiasm and it's catching. We have decided to make one off frocks from all of my precious patterns and offer them to member's and facebook peeps at a very special price. Monday is the day our girl will post all of the new garments for sale so keep an eye out. We have decided to do giveaways to customers on certain days as well so watch this space. I'm sooooooooooo pumped about all the new stuff we are going to get done. XXX Joy

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