Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have been very busy pulling apart old 50's frocks, transferring old patterns onto blocks. In my effort to save all my patterns I have been inspired. As soon as a pattern is done I feel the need to make it up, therefore all my lovely Hot Couture customers will benefit. I will be putting up one off's as I make them. If I have enough fabric there may be a few made but no more than four. Prices will vary according to the price of the fabric. I will get these on my website eventually but they will be in different fabric that I can buy all the time from wholesalers. Go to my facebook Hot Couture page for prices and contact me via my email or facebook ( I'm on facebook) a lot so if you want to get in first that's the way to go. Hope you like these, it was pretty tough cutting up the Black Hawaii Sarong it was made of the most beautiful silk and my favorite of all my frocks. Oh well moving on! XXX Joy

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