Tuesday, August 31, 2010

50's fair Rose Siedler House Sydney

I can't believe the 50's fair has been going for 10 years now. This year I decided not to have a stall, turned out to be a very good decision. The 50's fair got Hot Couture started all those years ago when I sold my very own evening frocks and realised the need for new garments made from vintage patterns.
As we lined up for the first time we were entertained by people watching and listening to a gorgeous girl in a pick-up singing and playing guitar. Never having lined up before I was in shock at how many people were there so early. I took my model Sarah and kids with me and once through the gates I wondered if I would ever find them again. So many amazing stalls.
Andrew my old buddy who I always shared with was in his usual spot, it was strange not seeing the hills hoist covered in Hot Couture frocks. It was fun checking out all the stalls and not being in a hurry, I scored some cool sunnies and quite a few patterns. The Velvet Set were first up, it was lovely listening to Sarah sing while I shopped. Briefly found Sarah and Eddy and his girlfriend but lost them again.
Ran into sooooo many people in the crowd but hardly had a minute to talk. Burlesque performer Kitty Van Horne, Pete and Sarah from Deadbeat mag, Donna from Adelaide, diehard 50's fans Sue and Mark, Marilyn from Vegas. I only saw Pia and Annette for a second before they were whisked away in the sea of people. I was worn out by 2pm and so happy I didn't have a stall to pack up. I had a chat with Tina and Bruce from Retrospec'd and they had decided to not have a stall this year and enjoy the day. I think we made the right choice.
Luckily, as I was running out of steam one of my friends asked me to afternoon tea at one of the other Siedler houses down the back of the garden. There are 3 homes on the property all designed by Harry Siedler. We left the crowds and headed down to see Bryan and his lovely wife. We were greeted by the most amazing 50's home, possibly even more beautiful then the one where the fair is. Sitting on the edge of a cliff with a swimming pool in the distance we sat on the verandah eating cakes and having a cuppa in the most divine cups I've ever laid eyes on. I kept getting texts from Sarah and Eddy wondering where I was.
I'll tell you where I was.......... I was in 50's heaven. Bryan showed me through his home and even told me the history of it all. He lived there as a kid and his uncle was Harry Siedler. Everything about the house was perfection. Sadly we had to head up the hill back to the chaos and meet up with the kids who were ready to pack it in. It was a wonderful day, I don't know if I will have a stall again in the future. Hot Couture seems to be doing pretty well without having to cart and pack up racks and frocks. Time to enjoy the benefits of all our hard work. XXX Joy

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