Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wow! It's 11.30 Sunday night and the weekend is almost over. What a weekend it was, I haven't stopped, my feet are killing but I have a smile on my face so it can't have been that bad.
We had our girl Stavroula's film debut on Friday night a little film called 15 Love that Stav wrote and directed, it was quite an achievement. Watch out for our girl she is definitely going places along with her gorgeous man Aron.
After the film we had a quick dinner at The Jerusalem then headed over to set up our stall. We decided to move all of the samples and seconds. Out with the old I say. Thanks Ariana, who bought three Hot frocks, that girl knows a bargain when she see's one. Ginger shared my stall this year with her fab Day of the Bed skulls. We had a great night, Satellites rocked the place first up and last but not least Sin and Tonic really had the place jumpin. We love Eddo and the guys from the band, seriously they are all such great guys it makes me want to visit Tassie and see if they are all that lovely. I was happy my stall was in the same place right next to Pete and Tania. Tania was wearing her Hot Couture sarong dress that girl is turning into my very best customer. OOPS! forgot Sarah Easter my main model who owns almost every Hot Couture garment so far and Nikki who is not far behind Sarah.
It was great to see all the girls decked out in their very best 50's attire. Molly, Jen, Tiffany, Evelyn, Tania, Tracy, Lou and all the other gorgeous girls who made the effort to look stunning. It was great catching up with my old pals Isobel and Daz who are just the cutest couple. Lou had her hats on sale and if anyone is looking for a fab little cocktail hat she is the girl to see. The burlesque girls were delicious to watch Cherry and Paula amaze me. Saturday we went to see the Roller girls and all of the Hot cars. Saturday night we did it all again only this time not quite so much dancing, Rockabilly Brian wore me out the night before. Now it's all over and we have a very big week of orders to fill before I head off to Vegas. Only 10 days to go I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I picked up the new postcards that my daughter Gypsy illustrated, I hope to hand out as many as is possible while Im there, the postcards look hot XXX Joy

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