Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joy's Weekend of L-U-R-V-E

Joy had a wonderful weekend full of declarations of love (and sh*ts 'n' giggles) when she attended dedicated Hot Couture customer Kylie Lyon's beautiful wedding! Joy designed the bridesmaid's frocks and if you look closely they are modifications of new HC styles 'Loretta', 'Marilyn', 'Ginger Tight' and 'Lolita'! Congratulations to Kylie and her now manservant, I mean husband James on a fabulous wedding and to many happy years together!

NAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Best of luck to you crazy kids!

Here's that ladybeast Sarah Easter looking quite the fetching bridesmaid in 'Loretta' - bouquet, anyone?

On Saturday night, Joy and I went to the Burlesque Ball accompanied by the OMG hot-as-hell Pistola Balboa aka Julia McCarron, her dashing manservant, I mean fiancee Brett and the inimitable Christine, perhaps the one lady who ties with Joy for the 'Most Genuinely Fabulous Woman In The World' title. I have photos but I think my camera is still drunk from the night so, er, I'll post some up when the hiccups stop.

Joy is also doing the Salty Dolls new uniforms so stay tuned for the first round of the Roller Derby season to get an eyeful of those puppies! YAR!

- Stavroula xoxo

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