Monday, March 15, 2010

My gorgeous assistant Stavroula is off O.S next week so I am taking over the blogging. I'm sure I won't be as entertaining but ya never know! We have loved every minute we have spent with Stav and she will be missed, especially her colourful attire.
Greta and I wait with baited breath to see what wonderful concoction of clothing Stav will turn up in. Will she have fluro tennis ball coloured hair with a hotdog pinned to the curl or will there be a tiny surfer riding the same curl in her hair........we will definitely miss every bit of Stavroula.
She is off to Vegas, I get to meet up and party with her in only two weeks. Then our gorgeous girl will be working for none other than Patricia Field in New York. We wish her all things wonderful. I think Adelaide may be a little too small for our girl.
On the H.C. front we are getting geared up for the big Kustom Kulture Weekend at the Highway Inn. Ginger and I will be having a stall in the same spot at the back by the bar. We will be selling off samples and seconds CHEAP to make way for all the new Trailer Trash garments. We have been selling the new range even before it hits the website so were a bit excited to see what happens when it does. Ginger will be selling her Day of the Bed skulls so come say hi. Stay tuned. I will attempt to put up some pics with Stavroula's excellent instructions. Love Joy XXX


  1. JOY TAYLOR FOR PRESIDENT! Disclaimer: Might or might not be Stavroula. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to dye my hair puke green xoxo