Saturday, December 3, 2011


On Friday night we had our launch party for the new website, it was really lovely catching up with everyone who had worked so hard to make the website happen. Everyone was there from Xtrashiny, Sven our photographer, our hair and make up girls Jen and Cat. Our model Ginger and her gorgeous new boyfriend Jordon. All of the Hot Couture peeps and of course my very supportive husband Deane. We held it at Louis Bond, I have been itching to have a cocktail party or a parade there so this was the perfect excuse. The boys that own Louis Bond are just wonderful and I can't say enough about the fabulous food, in fact there was so much we didn't even need to go out after to eat. Kylie and Mel from Delectable Sins dropped by with the cupcakes for everyone to take home, they had made Deane his own special one with a skull on it, how cute is that. It really was the perfect launch for the new website and our model Ginger finally got her payment for working so hard on the day. One bottle of "Sailor Jerry Rum." Hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as I did. XXX Joy

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