Monday, December 12, 2011

Addicted to Hot Couture

We've been going back through our Hot Couture orders to organise a mailing list and got a very pleasant surprise. Many of our customers have ordered more than 4 or 5 garments. This is not only testament to how well they are made but how well they fit and it feels pretty good knowing that we are doing it right.
Just recently we met Lauren Thiel who is one of the Adelaide Burlesque dancers. Lauren came to our studio to talk about outfits for the Miss Pin Up contest and bought several frocks. Since then Lauren and some of her friends have come up to the H.C. studio on a regular basis. To date Lauren has bought 8 garments and has several more on order. Not only is this great for us but the girls who come to us are getting quality garments made to measure. I can't stress enough how much better a garment looks if it has been fitted on you. Here are just a few of Lauren's new frocks.

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