Monday, November 28, 2011


CONRATULATIONS to Lauren (Lolly Dolly ) Thiel, Miss Perfect Pin Up,
Chance Chalmer (Miss Illustrated) Adriana Obsenities (Miss Vava Voom) and Tim Van Sim (Mr.Pinup)

We attended Miss Pin Up Australia on Friday night. Having heard lots about it on facebook and because Hot Couture had two girls wearing our frocks, we thought we should go along and support them.
It was at The Gov in Adelaide and when we arrived it was pretty packed, so much for being late.
First out was the day wear, Lauren Thiel was wearing one of our new pink gingham Bardot frock’s with a wide belt, just a little bit proud.
She looked amazing and her poses were pretty much spot on, I’m sure the photo’s will look just like the one’s from the fifties.  All the girls looked beautiful there was a mix of original vintage and reproduction.
Next was swimwear and same again there was a lovely vintage and repro mix, some of the vintage ones were to die for especially one that had a little sailor collar detail and one pair of tiki bikini’s I rather liked.
Then came lingerie, there was some amazing underwear, each girl was incredibly individual from sexy Betty Page looks to the more demure Doris Day type frilly gowns and nighties.
I think my favourite segment was the evening gowns and not just because we had a couple of girls wearing them. Lauren was wearing one of our new frocks “GRACE’ it has a black velvet bodice and champagne silk skirt she looked delicious.
Annie was wearing a beautiful aqua blue shot silk frock called ‘LANA’with a rouched top and full skirt she looked lovely as well. A gorgeous girl was wearing the most divine original frock I’ve ever seen, a velvet bodice and shot green skirt, I may have been inspired a bit there. There was Miss Vava Voom and Miss Illustrated next and they were all gorgeous.
Next was the talent and there was definitely a few surprises, Candice made cocktails which I found most entertaining, Annie had a crinkle in her frock so she took it off and ironed it, I loved that one too. Lauren in her underwear, apron and rubber gloves mopped and polished the floor to some fabulous tune, very cheeky. Curly Sue danced to one of Buddy Holly’s songs that I love. One of the girls did the Charleston, one did the twist to Chubby Checker’s famous tune and my absolute favourite was Tullulah Rand who came out and did an ad for Meata Vegebeata or something like that it was like looking at an old ad from the fifties. As she drank it she got more and more tanked, it was soooo entertaining.  
No kidding I wouldn’t have wanted to be a judge that would have been too hard. I think they did a great job of picking the winners, well done judges.  I think I might have to go again next year I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. Thanks Lauren Glennie for the pics of Lolly. XXX Joy

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