Sunday, November 13, 2011

Julia and Brett's Wild West Wedding

11.11.11…………..I will remember as Remembrance Day and the day I was lucky enough to attend a very special wedding.

We walked across to the The Willunga Courthouse where everyone was standing around dressed in attire so perfect I felt as though I really was about to witness a wedding in the Wild West.
It was the perfect backdrop and as the sun was going down we heard a squeal of tyres and through a huge cloud of dust a gold charger with the Brett and the boys pulled to screeching halt.
The boys all swaggered across the stone bridge to the verandah of the Court house. I’m pretty sure I heard the jangling of spurs.

Julia and the girls pulled up next in a stunning red Cadillac. Julia, Nikki and little Mia climbed out to applause and cheering and as if that wasn’t exciting enough someone shot off their cap gun which of course led everyone to follow. It couldn’t have been staged any better and that pretty much sums up the rest of the night, spontaneity, laughter and much love.
Julia with both of her lovely dad’s either side and both of her moms in front walked up to the verandah to meet Brett and his best man. Julia’s wedding gown was stunning even if I do say so myself and she even carried the little gingham horse-shoe I had made to match the dress.
Brett pretty much yelled “I DO” and we all clapped to that as well. Julia and Brett laughed and smiled and joked all the way through the ceremony which is just how it should be. Nikki cried a bit and laughed a lot. Little Mia was adorable in her little check frock.
After the ceremony we all walked to the pub down the road and then onto EL RANCHO MUCHO FUN. I know this because that’s what the sign out the front said. Louise and Sam, Julia’s mom and step dad had turned their property into a real live ranch. The fences had roses threaded though and there was an entrance into the party complete with steer head and horns. The eyes lit up later in the evening they had gone to so much trouble.  As we walked through I noticed the side of the shed painted with cactus and sunset, Brett’s handy work I was told later.
We were already having a great time so once we all had drinks and the band started up it didn’t take long before it was one swinging western party.

The absolute highlight for me and I’m sure many others was when the Samoan side of the family got up on stage and sang a traditional Samoan song I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house and as if that wasn’t enough Julia’s nephews then did the Haka. Behind me roller derby girls were fanning themselves, I don’t think they had ever seen so many gorgeous men in one place before. There was an awful lot of love in that marquee.
The speeches bought tears to everyone’s eye’s there wasn’t a single boring speech 9 people got up and talked of love, friends and family and it was beautiful. Nikki sang a song to Julia I think it was I’ve got a friend but I was crying through that as well so what do I know.
The Roller Derby girls gave the newly married couple a huge cheque, another favourite moment of mine. The Saucermen played and we all danced out  feet off, if we weren’t dancing we were out the back with the mechanical bull.
I was soooooooo happy when the band played Rawhide that went down a treat with the crowd all screaming and hollering.
I for one felt very privileged to have been a part of this wonderful day and night and I will never forget it.
When I told Julia that when she got married I wanted to make her wedding gown little did I know I would be part of something so incredibly special.

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  1. Great summary Joy, it really was a fabulous night and yes Pistola looked amazing - well done you talented lady!
    Also I think you need to admit that it wasn't only the roller derby girls who were fanning themselves...

    xx Thunders