Monday, September 5, 2011

I love Mondays off with William.

I usually take Mondays off and meet William in town and we either go to the movies or just go anywhere that might be fun. We worked all day on Saturday up until 7pm so we really needed today off. Last Monday Willy and I walked all over the city, we took stood in the middle of a poppy patch, had cupcakes and tea at Better than Sex, Willy disagreed with their name but those cupcakes were pretty damn fine. Willy also tried to knock off a nanna so we could get a seat at B.T.S.
Guess what cupcake Willy chose, Mr Big and I had the Bridgette Jones, very appropriate. We also went to see the crotcheted reef, now there's a sentence you don't hear every day. It was amazing and it was in the old stock exchange building which we decided to explore.
Today after meeting the website people we went to the movies to see 'The Help" my new favourite film. It was soooo beautiful, sad and happy and thought provoking. It hurt my heart to see black people treated the way they were in the 50's. The clothes were wonderful and I couldn't help thinking how great it would have been to work on a film like that.

Then Willy and I explored all of the neat furniture shops where we found a huge elephant in a wooden crate ready to ship off. I wanted that elephant. We also went to look at underwear, Willy thought the leopard high knickers were a must, I wasn't so sure. It was such a fun day. I wonder what next Monday will bring. XXXX Joy


  1. Your Monday off (in what looks like a larger city) makes me happy! Where was the reef? It's amazing.

  2. The reef was in a small museum in Adelaide I'm so sorry I only just read this post. X J