Sunday, February 20, 2011

Made to Measure Madness

Hola from HC Headquarters!
This week, I thought I’d tell my most avid and lovely readers how I gained such an enviable and extensive wardrobe! And no, this story does not include “One day, I strolled into Myer..!” Since I was a wee lass, I’ve etched and sketched my dream wardrobe, and copious amounts of other ridiculous outfits, but have lacked the extensive sewing skills required to manifest these crazy ideas: Cue meeting the fabulous and ever talented Ms. Joy Taylor.
One day, Stavroula, my glittery partner in crime and life, introduced me to Joy, who claimed she could make all of my wacky ideas come to life, and Alas! The fashion gods FINALLY smiled upon me!

Now my wardrobe contains mostly original one-off items that Joy has made me.
The beauty of this is that I get to have something completely individual, that fits me perfectly and in whatever fabric I choose. Ahhhh… what more could a girl want!?
So basically, if you have fashion pipe dreams, like I had for years, Joy, my fashion fairy godmother can make them all come true! Just pick your inspiration, your fabric and come in for a consultation and KAPOW! You’re gonna look fab.

Take it from me dollface, there aint nothin’ like wearing a garment made especially for you. You’ll feel and look a TRILLION dollars. And you’ll probably start sweating glitter, being so fabulous and all.

Until next week my lovely pals!
Marie xoxoxoxoxo

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