Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dorothy Comes to Visit!

Last week, I saw a somewhat familiar headless doll in the studio of Ms. Joy Taylor.
Now, if you know Joy, you probably see this as no surprise. But me having the mental age of a 5 year old, was curious to know what the hell dolly was doing without her head.
Joy informs me that dolly is infact the puppet 'Dorothy' from the Schmacko's commercials. Ah, so THATS why she looked familiar (even sans head)! What on earth was Dorothy of ALLLL puppets doing in the studio, you ask!? Well, it turns out the ever talented and always full-of-surprises Ms. Taylor once worked with Anifex, the South Australian based animation company, on a Schmacko's Short Film, that was made for cinemas nationally, how cool is that!?
Now apparently, Dorothy misplaced her old cossie, and required a new one, cue the talented Ms. Taylor!
You can see the cossie in this commercial!

But for your amusement, here is a photo of a headless Dorothy. We've had lots of fun with Dorothy, taking her on outings to the post office and leaving her in inappropriate places, and we're sad to see her go back to her Anifex home. But hey, Joy got to make her look absolutely fab in some miniature HC bikinis, (Note, I will be requesting a pair in my size!) which may* have inspired the HC Monday Special tee hee! So make sure to look out for the new Schmacko's commercials, and for Hot Couture! I promise she will not be headless in the ads.

Have a swell' ol week guys n' gals!

Headless Miniature Hot Couturette!

 *definitely did inspire the Monday special

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