Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hot Couture Christmas Party

Twas the night before Christmas, well it was the week before actually. I took my girls out for a wonderful dinner at our local pub. Greta and Stav have been so much support to me all year and it was the least I could do. We had loads of champagne and good food to boot and when we had finished the girls treated me to desert down the road at another fab restaurant. My fave part of the night was giving the girls their presents, I had spent all day in the city looking for just the right thing. I found the best Stav present in Borders, when I saw the sparkly red stilleto's I knew I had to buy them for her. I wasn't quite sure what they did but I knew they did something so I purchased them. They turned out to be speakers for her Mac, perfect. Greta was harder I went to all the stores where I thought I would find something just as perfect. In the end I stumbled on this fabulous cushion with retro cartoons all about sewing, hilarious. The girls loved their presents but were most impressed with the piggy key rings that not only lit up but oinked as well. It was only a small party but it was a good one. I have loved every minute of this year working with my fabulously talented girls. Thanks girls and thank you to all our wonderful customers, we have so many now that come back again and again. In fact next year we are starting up our customer of the month. Can't wait for that one. See you in 2011 have a great Christmas full of surprises and most of all stay safe. Love and hugs Joy.........XXX

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