Thursday, December 2, 2010

H.C.H.Q welcomes Meg Costello..

We are so happy to have the very lovely Meg Costello with us here at Hot Couture. Below is a photo of Meg with one of her designs and my personal favourite from her graduation parade.
Meg started today and I have to say the day didn't turn out as planned but what day here ever does.
Meg started making up skirts in the morning and by lunchtime we were off to the city to catch up with Peter Alexander. It wasn't planned we had just heard that he was going to be at his new store and that was that we were gone.
 Peter is a bit of a hero of mine I bought his very first range of PJ's for my 3 kids in leopard print. He started cutting pyjama's for his friends on his mums kitchen table, with her sewing and pretending to be his receptionist. You have to admire that. He has gone on to become one of Australia's most successful designers and he deserves every bit of it. I had a photo of the three kids in his first lot of PJ's that I gave to him and he was genuinely pleased.
I knew he was a good guy, all of the money from his calendar goes the the RSPCA, so we had to buy one for Ginger who sadly couldn't come with us.
We managed lunch and a even coffee with a friend we ran into. All up I think Meg may have enjoyed her very first day, I know I did. Meg even managed to finish the skirts once we got back to the studio. Hopefully next week will be just as much fun. Like I've always said if it ain't fun I'm not doing it anymore. I really love our little team. XXX Joy

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