Sunday, December 12, 2010

Artist Ruby Chew in Hot Couture!

Visual artist and fabulous friend of Hot Couture, the oh-so-lovely Ruby Chew had her Graduate Show at the the Norwood Central School Of Art on Friday. Her paintings are incredibly beautiful in the flesh: the way she paints eyes is spookily accurate, making her subjects appear like they're really looking at you. It should be weird but it's totally not, simply because they're so beautifully executed! The internet piccies really don't do her paintings justice, you'll just have to see what she's capable of in person at the gallery!

Gloria, Kane, Ruby, Oil on Canvas. 

We wish we took a full length photo of Ruby in her Hot Couture dress but the gallery was packed, surprise surprise!! She's definitely going places and making a strong and positive impact on the Adelaide art scene - it also helps that she's a thoughtful, articulate and incredibly personable young maiden with the world at her peep toe pumps. And we love a woman who matches her dress with her art!

Check out her blog to track the progress of her work. I realise I sound totes preachy but she shore is a special gal! 

xxx love Stav


  1. WOO HOO! How lucky am I to be wearing Hot Couture at my Grad Show! x x x x

  2. You looked stunning Ruby! Red is a colour that really suits you. Then again I suspect you'd look fantastic in anything.