Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paper Doll Pin Up's

A few weeks ago I did a pin up shoot with Jen Rossiter.
I'm going to be very honest and say at 56 I ain't no pin up girl.  Having said this Jen couldn't have made me feel more comfortable. I arrived at her beautiful 50's style home to be greeted with a smiling Jen holding an umbrella. Right from the moment I arrived I felt pampered and happy to be there. After a lovely cup of tea we got right to it. I sat on her little stool while we chatted and did hair, nails make up the works, it was so much fun. Then Sven Kovac the photographer arrived and made me even more comfortable. I thought I'd feel kind of silly behind the bar pouring cocktails but it was quite the opposite I was so at home and we had a lot of laughs. Jen had gone to so much trouble even having 50's themed food bought in for the shoot. You can see Jen and Sven's beautiful work at www.jenrossiter.com or on facebook.
I can highly recommend this experience my only regret is I didn't go out that night. I came straight home with all my make up and hair done so perfectly, wouldn't you think I would have thought of somewhere to go.
Jen's home has a beautiful bar area, retro kitchen, cactus garden, fireplace and a very original very 50's pink and black bathroom. Have a look at the other beautiful girls on her site who have had their photo's taken recently. This is the perfect Christmas present for that someone special. You can contact Jen for pricing and anything else you need to know. If they can make me look good they can make you look incredible. XXX Joy

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