Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hot Couture x Hola Mexico Film Festival!

Hot Couture was lucky enough to have our Mexicana-themed Summer 2010 ad screened before the fillums at the Hola Mexico Film Festival at the Mercury Cinema. We went a bit OTT for the Hola Poster Exhibition at the Mercury and dressed up in full Hot Couture regalia, with Day Of The Dead makeup thanks to my trusty Kryolan Aqua Colour palette. Hawt models Farrin and Marie let me go bananas with their makeup and I was pretty happy with the overall result!

We were stocked that The Advertiser printed our piccie advertising the festival (wearing Hot Couture of course, *cough* *plug*) which was a massive success! Those $5 Margaretas were a killer *shakes hands with bartender*.

More pics to come of us waring our outfits soon!

xx Love Stav

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