Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hot Couture x Fabrication

A couple of months ago, Joy was asked to participate in the Fabrication competition at the Hotel Tivoli last week. The parade was a fundraiser for Canteen and was beautifully organised by Cristina Tridente and Katherine from CaughtCouture. Her challenge was to create a super stylish outfit from a bag of (super fugly) op shop stuff. Hot Couture model and all-round babe Marie Struggles gave Joy the inspiration to create this faaaabulous outfit channelling Katy Perry in the 'Thinking Of You' video. And whaddya know? JOY WINS SECOND PLACE IN THE COMPETITION. Know why? Because she is awesome.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Here's the outfit shown alongside the GretaKate creation,designed by Hot Couture gal Greta Rumsby!! 

We wish we knew who took these gorgeous pics and are totally for crediting photographers but we don't know whose work it is! Let us know and we'll credit you Mystery Photographer!

Anyways, Joy created the outfit by re-dying ugmo fabrics different shades of orange and green, resewing buttons onto the pockets and turning a doillie into a fabulous oversized clutch bag!! Lucy from Tanya Powell models was the perfect face to showcase her design and looked so beau-ti-ful on the night. The Advertiser chose Joy to be featured in Adelaide Confidential with Lucy and her design, and they actually used a goofy pic, which we just lurve!

The show was judged by fashion designers George Gross and Harry Who, and gave Joy second prize!! After many requests from fans on the evening, the outfit is finding a home with Miss Struggles who provided the inspiration! Sorry gals, it's taken!!

More pics from the actual evening to come soon!

xx Love Stav

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  1. I think that looks like Ryan Polei's little watermark in the bottom right corners, I could be wrong though!