Monday, May 17, 2010

Sydney highlights

Here are some highlights of my Sydney trip. Having breakfast with my daughter Gypsy and her friend William Lazootin ( finalist from Project Runway ) We met at Mint my fave breakfast place. William is even more fabulous in real life, if that's possible. It was great chatting about Project Runway, having been flown to Melbourne myself only to be the one John West rejects. I feel a whole lot better now knowing that it wasn't all fun, truthfully I don't think I would have lasted the distance. After breakfast Gypsy took me to Fox Studio's where she is working on Me and My Monsters. I was especially impressed with her car park have to be doing things right to get one of those. I couldn't take photo's of the monsters but let me tell you it looks like one great series. Another highlight was my night out with my son Eddy we had sushi and then headed off to Tokio Hotel where Hot Couture's model Pia was performing with her big band. Eddy and I even managed a dance before he left to head home. I did get to a few wholesalers always on the search for new fabric but mostly it was R and R. We have had a few months of non stop craziness here at H.C.H.Q and it was nice to slow down a bit. I'm back now and things are running at a nice pace. We have our new designs on the slide show website and photo's coming to our blog soon. XXX Happy Happy Joy Joy

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