Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just before Stav left for O.S. we had a ( lets make as many hot frocks for Stav day ) Stavroula bought every fluro shiny, gold, leopard fabric she could find. We left the fabric in the car on a hot day and I joked about how it had melted into a ball and gone rock, sticky solid. Stav's reply to this was............."we can go buy more there's plenty". So I made 7 frocks that day none of them overlocked. Well the joke is on me, everywhere Stav goes in New York people are asking about her wardrobe. I'm not surprised she can make anything look hot. Stav said she has been giving out my business cards and if I had these garments on my website I would make a killing. Food for thought, they are all my designs just not the fabric I would have chosen. I think Stav is right I need to get some of these on my website....might call the range "Where the Wild Things Are". Below are photo's of Stav in Vegas wearing the famous gold number, I swear every mexican in town wanted their photo taken with her. The other one is one we made up on the spot out of pink leopard with a black skirt. I tell ya that girl is working overtime. XXX Joy